[1.8 - 1.12] • WarCrates -Envoys- | Great for Factions | PVP | Loot Drops v1.0.8

Award loot to players for finding hidden envoys during a Crate Event!

  1. Update #7

    + Added Title support
    Configure on-screen titles for players during the crate event!
    + Removed the 50-item limit
    You may now add more than 50 items to the Item Pool. Duplicate items will be removed automatically to keep the config clean.
    + Added more particle configuration options...​
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  2. Update #6

    + Added crate particles!
    Spawn a pillar of configurable particles above each crate during an event! Requires ProtocolLib to function. Some users may need to regenerate their configuration in order to use these new features.
    + Added Max-Crates!
    Don't want all of your crates to appear at once? No problem! You can now limit the...
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  3. Update #5

    + Bug fixes
    Corrects some issues with item spawn chances, backend code, and the event starting timer.
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  4. Update #4

    + Customize Fireworks
    Although colors are still being developed, you may now enable/disable crate fireworks, and choose which shape they have! Existing users may need to delete their config.yml file to see the new values.
    + Add Commands to Your Crates
    You can now add commands to your crates, using the new /wc addcommand command! Use the...
  5. Update #3

    + Added support for 1.8.x servers
    1.7.x servers may also benefit from this update, but have not been thoroughly tested
  6. Update #2

    + Added interval-announce configuration setting
    true by default; this restricts crate opening announcements to every 10 crates, as well as the final 5. Some users may need to delete their old configuration file to see this new option appear.
  7. Update #1

    + Fixed support for Enchanted Books​