[1.8-1.12] SpaciousLib 1.6.0

Anvil, Bossbar, Command builder, Hologram, NPC, Packet, Socket, etc [Bungeecord supported]

  1. SpaciousLib v1.6.0

    • Fixed some bugs with PlaceholderAPI
    • Added new placeholders for Spigot:
    • Added new placeholders for Bungeecord:
    • Optimzied the code
    • Added some methods to BungeeAPI
    • Added BlockUtils with a method:...
  2. SpaciousLib v1.5.9

    • Added the player cleaner for placeholders (both Spigot and Bungeecord)
    • Replaced the list of UUID to a set in all classes, to prevent the duplication
    • Added an ability for timer tasks: automatic stops itself after a specific duration
    • From now, you can use decimal as a parameter while creating an instance of timer tasks or delayed tasks
    • Added ColorUtils for Spigot
    • Added new placeholders for both Spigot and Bungeecord:
    • Added new...
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  3. SpaciousLib v1.5.8

    - Fixed a bug of Skull Manager
    - Added PlayerCleaner for Bungeecord
  4. SpaciousLib v1.5.7

    • Removed the test module
    ================= MAIN =================

    • Added ProxyUtils
    • Added DelayedScheduler and TimerScheduler
    • MojangAPI: SpaciousLib will use a random HTTPS proxy to bypass the limit rate when you get the skin of aplayer
    ================= SPIGOT =================

    • Added SkullManager
    • Added new method to get the netty channel of a player in PacketHandleEvent
    • The default skins now using UUID and gets skin objects by using...
  5. SpaciousLib v1.5.6

    • Fixed a bug that Cooldown didn't work
    • From now, all sub-command types will be hidden in a command string as default
    • Fixed a bug that getVolume method in CuboidUtils class didn't work properly
    • Added a new method: getBalance() in VaultUtils
    • Removes the method unique() in RandomUtils
    Preparing for the Update Aquatic (1.13)

    • New enum: v1_13_R1(8) for GameVersion
    • New method: is1_13Above() for GameVersion
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  6. SpaciousLib v1.5.5

    • Changed the code VectorUtils, CuboidUtils
  7. SpaciousLib v1.5.4

    • CommandBuilder: Fixed some bugs
    1. When a command which only contains the root, it doesn't work with any arguments
    2. The command string of the root command contains a whitespace before the colon
    • Removed CooldownUtils
    • Added: Cooldown
    • Added TimedList, TimedSet
    • Renamed InteractItemRunnable to ClickableItemHandler
    • Added a few...
  8. SpaciousLib v1.5.3

    • Added a few methods
    • Supported Vault plugin
    • Added VaultUtils
    • Added new events: ServerReloadEvent, ServerStopEvent
  9. SpaciousLib v1.5.2

    • Fixed the error that the root command doesn't work
    • The MySQL Manager class and the SQLite Manager class have been renamed to MySQLDatabase and SQLiteDatabase
    • Removed the database manager class
    • Rewrote the test module
    • Removed the socket manager class
    • The Bungee Manager class has been renamed to BungeeAPI
    • Added Player Manager
    • Removed Player Ping class and move its methods to the Player Manager class
    • Removed the method "setNewArmor" in the ArmorEquipEvent class...
  10. SpaciousLib v1.5.1

    • Fixed the error that you couldn't get all NBT tags of an entity by using NBTManager
    • New Anvil system, now it's easier, faster
    • Added player ping
    • Added game profile manager
    • Added Skin, Default skins, and a method to change player skin
    • Added NPC Manager, NPCInteractEvent
    • Added new placeholders: {player_ping}
    • Removed StringUtils and JSONUtils (all methods in these class are moved to the CommonUtils)
    • Added new check type to RegEx: UUID
    • Added new argument type...