[1.8 - 1.12] StructuresMc 1.2.1

Add more structures to server

  1. SM 1.1.2

    + Fixed some errors with the newest version of SpaciousLib (thanks @Quzzar)
    + Supported 1.13 temporarily
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  2. StructuresMc 1.1.1

    + Added new language: Polish (pl)
    + Supported SpaciosuLib v1.6.0
  3. StructuresMc 1.1.0

    • Now, requires SpaciousLib
    • Fixed the bug that the rotation chance doesn't work properly
    • API: no longer uses abstract class
    • Fixed lags, improved the performance
    • The JSON code of serialized item no longer stores in the serializeItemStack.txt file. From now you can click it in the chat to get
    • Added the command /sm undo (structure.undo) and /sm restore (structure.restore)
    • Added restoration system
    • When a structure is placed, the plugin will create a...
  4. StructuresMc 1.0.8

    - Fixed errors have happened while handling some relational operators
    - A new option for structure configuration: nether
    + When enabling this option, the plugin will place it with position y starts from 0 (by default, the position y starts from the highest to 0)
    + Can be used with "surface" requirement
    + If you enable this option in an overworld, all structures can be spawned underground. I don't recommend enable it because it only support for a nether world
    - Fixed a problem occurs on...
  5. StructuresMc 1.0.7

    The next big update!
    I've already rewritten the code of requirements and chunk populate
    There are some new features:

    1. Changes in the value of requirements

    Old: in the value part, there is a relational operator and after are texts (string or number)
    - "location <20"
    - "below#0 material !air,water"

    New: in the value part, each text must have a relational operator before a string or a number....
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  6. StructuresMC 1.0.6 [BIG UPDATE]

    + Rewrite the code how are items be serialized and deserialized
    You have to use new structure data file (_________.ms)
    How to change?
    1. Paste your structure
    2. Remove that structure's old structure data file (don't forget to remember the file name)
    3. Select and save that structure (with the old file name)
    Now, you've got a new structure data file

    + New...
  7. StructureMc 1.0.5

    + Added source code (Github)
    + Added wiki
    + Added tutorial video
    + Fixed bugs with MyThicsMob
  8. StructureMc 1.0.4

    + Added support for MyThicsMob
    + Fixed some bugs
  9. StructureMc 1.0.3

    Just removed the debug message
    Sorry about that........... :(
  10. StructureMc 1.0.2

    + New: Javadoc
    + Fixed some bugs
    + Now structure's data file can include entities
    + Recoded some parts of plugin
    + New API
    + Fixed lag

    Please reset your structure file (xxx.ms)