[1.8-1.13] SpaciousLib 1.7.0

Command Builder, Hologram, NPC, BossBar, Socket, etc

  1. SL 1.7.0

    • Improved ClickableItemListener
    • Added new packet creator: EntityLook
    • New method: NPC#rotate
    • Fixed some issues with Chat
    • Now you can edit proxies in the library's config file
  2. SpaciousLib 1.6.9

    + Added HTMLTagBuilder
    + Remove a huge amount of non-working proxies
    + Fixed an issue which hide NPC skins
    + Fixed an issue that POST requests did't get any given queries
    + From now, NPCBuilder will sort cached packets correctly
  3. SpaciousLib 1.6.8

    + Fixed an issue caused while trying to unregister recipes in 1.12 and 1.13
    + New packet creator: Experience
    + Improved GameVersion
    + Fixed an issue caused when manage existed inventories
    + Disables the packet handler in Bungeecord
  4. SpaciousLib 1.6.7

  5. SpaciousLib 1.6.6

    - Readded the packet handler system, now reduces more lags than before (*)
    - Added PacketHandler annotation, used to handle new SpaciousLib's packet system (*)
    - TimedSet and TimedList now implements Iterable
    - NPC, Particle now supports 1.13
    - Added BlockUtils
    - Added new method: InventoryUtils#isNull(Material material)
    - Anvil has been moved to the Inventory package. Though, the old package is still supported

    (*): applied both Bungeecord and Spigot modules

    Now, it's time to say that...
  6. SpaciousLib 1.6.5

    - Fixed a couple of bugs
    - Created new branch: dev. All development commits will be pushed to here
    - Added new constructors for BlockBreakAnimation, Camera, Animation and PacketSender
    - Optimized the performance, from now NPC/ArmorStand/Hologram will have a cached packet system. After edit anything, you must use the method #buildPackets, all needed packets will be cached. Then, you're able to show that to a player, the library will use the cached packets to send.
    - Effects now no longer...
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  7. SpaciousLib 1.6.4

    • Chat: added new methods allow you to send text component, colour them (supported placeholders)
    • Supported all changes from Bukkit API 1.13-pre7
    • Renamed this plugin's messaging channel
    • Now, ProtocolLib is s soft-dependency, just requires if you want to use NPCInteractEvent
    Fully 1.13 support will come soon until there's a release for Spigot.
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  8. SpaciousLib 1.6.3

    + Added new method: TimeUnit#convert
    + Added more proxies
  9. SpaciousLib v1.6.2

    • Added more proxies
    • Fixed lags
    • Optimized code
    • Added ArmorStand: allows you send a fake ArmorStand to players, helps the server reduces lag
    • No longer support H2 databases
  10. SpaciousLib v1.6.1

    + Fixed bugs
    + Removed the packet handler and its event
    + All particle effects will run in asynchronous from now
    + This library now requires ProtocolLib
    + Fixed the recipe manager happened errors in v1.12
    + Fixed the anvil didn't work in 1.12
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