[1.8 - 1.15] [1K+ Users] UltimateAutoRestart - Need an autorestart plugin? Grab the best one today! Build 38

Easily schedule restarts! [Bungee, PlaceholderAPI, Commands after boot, Sounds, so much more!]

  1. UPDATE: Delay restarts if x users are online

    Build 38 changelog (config.yml additions below):
    You can now add a check for <configurable seconds> before the restart to check if <configurable amount> players are online at the time and then delay the restart by <configurable seconds>.

    Configuration Additions:
    Code (Text):
    # delayRestart Notes:
    # 1. Enabling this sytem will check <configurable time> seconds before restart if there are <x> players online, if there are it'll delay the restart by...
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  2. UPDATE: Placeholders Fix

    Build 37d changelog:
    Fixed an issue where the placeholders wouldn't show in various places where the player object is null (such as the MOTD).
  3. UPDATE: "ar now" command fix

    Build 37c changelog:
    Fix: Fixed an issue where "/ar now <value>" would obtain a decreased value causing any commands at the exact set time value not to run.
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  4. UPDATE: Interval placeholder fix

    Build 37b changelog:
    Fixed the $interval placeholder not working for actionbars in /ar.
  5. UPDATE: Made "24;00" usable

    Build 37a changelog (optional update):
    As per many requests, you can now also use "24;00" when creating restart entries.
  6. UPDATE: Fixed download

    Fixed an issue where various browsers/antiviruses would flag the plugin as malicious. This happened due to obfuscation, no need to be alarmed.
  7. UPDATE: Run commands after server boot

    Build 37 Changelog (requires config.yml additions):

    Addition: You can now configure commands to be run x seconds after the server booted. Please note that those commands can only be timed ones and therefore need to follow the interval-based command format.
    Fix: Fixed the possibility of an NPE regarding the update checker.

    Configuration additions:
    Code (Text):
       - '[time:15] broadcast this will execute...
  8. UPDATE: Reload cache fix

    Build 36c Changelog (Small Patch):

    Fix: The reload command will now re-cache restart commands and a bunch of other configuration values that should refresh when reloading.
    Fix: Fixed a small color error within the version message.

    Other: @BGHDDevelopment made a nice showcase/tutorial on the resource, check it out here!
  9. UPDATE: Hotfix #1 Async Error for some forks

    Build 36b Changelog:

    Hotfix: This fixes an async command execution error that pops on some forks of older versions of Spigot.
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  10. UPDATE: Interval-based Bukkit/Bungee Commands

    Build 36 Changelog (Look at the bottom for config.yml additions):

    You can now create interval-based commands (execute x seconds before restart). (e.g '[time:10] time set day' will set the time to day 10 seconds before the restart).
    Addition: You can now create interval-based bungee commands. (e.g '[bungee:5] send skyblock lobby', will send skyblock players to the lobby 5 seconds before the restart).
    Addition: Added update notifications toggle in config.yml...