[1.8 - 1.15] Retrieve OP - Your own secret password to get opped on servers! Build 30

A free resource for your humble server!

  1. Visual Update: Better looking yaml & optimization!

    CHANGE: All yaml files have had a small but noticeable change!
    CHANGE: Console messages have been further bettered!
  2. Addition & Changes: New feature , cleaner messages!

    NEW: You can now toggle whether a user that uses the secret code is required being on the special list. Thanks to @TheLukeGuy for the suggestion.
    NEW: Added some small messages to console (loading .ymls etc)

    CHANGE: Changed the giant console startup message, all console messages now have a cleaner , more "minimalistic" look. Furthermore, the message sent to console upon plugin disable has been completely removed!
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  3. Small Update: Different Yaml Manager, Fixed Console Errors

    CHANGE: All .yml files are now being saved in a different, more efficient way.

    FIX: Fixed a bug that sent errors about .ymls saving whenever you used /rop after a reload or restart
  4. Fixed Download

    FIX: Download has been fixed
  5. HOTFIX on 1.3.4

    FIX: Fixed a nasty issue with update notifications, again. Will not happen in the future due to new system coming in next updates!
  6. Critical Update: Added missing permission

    FIX: The method that checked for permission somehow got removed between version 1.3.2 and 1.3.3. Version 1.3.4 fixes that critical mistake, sorry for any inconveniences or trouble caused
  7. Big Update: Massive Optimization / 50% Size Reduce

    CHANGE: Code optimizations and cleanup. 1.3.3 works just as 1.3.2 but works more efficiently regarding saving etc. Furthermore, the size of the plugin has greatly been reduced.
  8. HOTFIX [2]

    FIX: Fixed a small issue with metrics not starting up correctly, update notifications again.

    FIX: Fixed update notifications falsely triggering
  10. Small Addition: Added Metrics

    NEW: A metrics system has been added. Information will be sent to bstats.org by default. You can disable the system if you'd like to opt-out.

    NOTE [NO LONGER VALID]: The plugin version without metrics is available for download at the version history tab. 1.2 does not contain metrics at all.