[1.8 - 1.16] [2K+ Users] UltimateAutoRestart - Need an autorestart plugin? Grab the best one today! Build 43

Easily schedule restarts! [Bungee, PlaceholderAPI, Commands after boot, Sounds, so much more!]

  1. UPDATE: Build 43

    Addition: RGB color support for messages (check wiki).
    Addition: Message showing to all online players when "ar stop" is used.
    Change: Changed main command from autorestart to ultimateautorestart due to some incompatibilities with other plugins (to remove aliases, edit plugin.yml).
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  2. UPDATE: Build 42b

    Fix: Possible fix for a rare error that can happen after using the reload command.
    Change: Players without permissions will now view the restart time even if using arguments for the command (previously only "/ar").
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  3. UPDATE: Build 42a

    Addition: You can now use the $last placeholder in interval request messages to display how long ago the server was last restarted (applies to both /ar for users, and /ar time for admins)
    Addition: PlaceholderAPI placeholders for the above, %ultimateautorestart_last_seconds% and %ultimateautorestart_last_formatted%.
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  4. UPDATE: Build 42

    Fix: An issue that would break plugin functionality if there were no restarts scheduled but a manual one was started via /ar now.
    Fix: Removed some forgotten debug messages for timed commands.
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  5. UPDATE: Build 41

    Change: UltimateAutoRestart no longer uses an async bukkit runnable, but an independent timer (which means, the task will not be affected by TPS. Pretty much meaning that restarts will not be delayed anymore if your server has bad performance or lag spikes).
    Change: Caching more data instead of accessing the configuration in order to grab values.
    Change: Removed the intervalTicks configuration option as it is no longer...
  6. UPDATE: Build 40d

    Change: The placeholders will now also show days if the hours are above 24+.
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  7. UPDATE: Build 40c

    Fix: Just a small fix that addresses the extra space at the end when there's only minutes in the countdown. This update is optional and only needed if you want the formatting to be nice(r).
  8. UPDATE: Build 40b

    Build 40b changelog:
    Configurations will now be automatically updated.
    Fix: Fixed an issue with seconds, restarts should now happen with accuracy down to the second.
  9. UPDATE: 1.16 Actionbar Fix

    Build 40a changelog:
    Fixed actionbar messages not working on 1.16.x servers.
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  10. UPDATE: Ticks Modifier & Reload Command Fix

    Build 40 changelog (config.yml additions required):
    Added the ability to modify the interval ticks for the restart interval task. Edit this only if your server is having issues with lag.
    Change: The reload command will now refresh restart entries & set new intervals.
    Change: Changed startup message of the plugin to one line.

    Configuration Additions:
    Code (Text):
    # Do not change this if you...