[1.8 - 1.16] ClearLagTimer - Use a command to check when the next ClearLag happens! Build 27

An addon for the popular plugin ClearLag, supports PlaceholderAPI, sounds & more!

  1. UPDATE: Custom commands

    Build 27 changelog (config.yml additions required):
    You can now customize the command that shows when the next entity clear happens.

    Configuration changes (Do not overwrite current settings):
    Code (Text):
    # Note: Commands must be in UPPERCASE
       - '/CLEARLAG'
  2. UPDATE: Actionbars

    Build 26 changelog (configuration additions required):
    You can now display the clearlag interval via actionbars!

    Configuration Additions:
    Code (Text):
       getCountdownActionbar: '&c&l[!]&r &cTime until next entity clear: &f%countdown%!'
  3. UPDATE: Join error fix

    Build 25e changelog:
    Fix: Fixes an error when joining the server.
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  4. UPDATE: Invalid Characters Fix

    Fixed invalid characters showing, sorry.
  5. UPDATE: Permission to hear sounds

    Build 25c changelog:
    As per request, players now require a permission in order to hear the countdown & clear sounds (clt.soundalert).
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  6. UPDATE: Better Update Checker & Polish

    Build 25b Changelog:

    Change: Updated the update checker (fancier messages, etc.)
    Change: Updated the default configuration
    Remove: Removed detailed startup option.
  7. New Task Handling

    Build 25 changelog:
    • Replaced the old/deprecated task handler with a new one, which is much more efficient and should solve the rare timer issues on earlier builds.
  8. Update Notification Toggles, Metrics & more!

    Build 24 changelog:
    • Added bStats metrics.
    • Added an option to disable update notifications.
    • Changed the console message when ClearLag is not found to a more informative one.
    • Removed the ability to edit the version command message, it's now more informative and doesn't just show what version of the plugin you are running on.
    Note: Add the following to your configuration or reset it entirely.
    Code (Text):
       notifications: true
  9. Update checker improvement

    Build 23 Changelog:
    • Further improved the update checker.
  10. Update checker fix

    Build 22 Changelog:
    • Fixed an issue with Spigot's old update check API. You will no longer receive false update messages.