[1.8 - 1.16] GappleOptions (+EPEARLS) - Add cooldowns to gapples, crapples, enderpearls & much more! Build 33a

Add perm-based cooldowns to golden apples, epearls, PlaceholderAPI, Sounds, custom commands & more!

  1. UPDATE: Build 33a

    Addition: You can now toggle enderpearl fall damage.
  2. UPDATE: Build 33 (Crafting Disable, Recipes)

    Addition: You can now disable crafting for golden apples and enchanted golden apples.

    Notes: Crafting for enchanted golden apples is disabled by default, if you enable it, it will add back the old crafting recipe for enchanted golden apples (an apple surrounded by gold blocks).
  3. UPDATE: Build 32b

    Addition: Added support for WorldGuard's newest API (7.x.x).
    Addition: Added an exception message when trying to reset a cooldown on an item that does not exist.
  4. UPDATE: Build 32a

    Addition: You can now use /go reset [player] [item] to remove a cooldown from a player (useful for kitpvp/duel servers). Please consult the wiki for more information regarding the new command.
    Fix: Removed a forgotten debug message when eating gapples.
  5. UPDATE: Build 32

    Addition: You can now disable the cooldown of gapples, crapples and enderpearls in specific WorldGuard regions (check configuration).
  6. UPDATE: Build 31a (Read Changelog)

    Fix: Renamed enabledWorlds option to disabledWorlds as that was the original functionality, just with a typo. The enabledWorlds section will no longer function, you can remove it.
  7. UPDATE: Build 31

    Build 31 changelog:
    Configurations will now be automatically updated.
    Addition: You can now configure in which worlds the plugin's functionality will work.
  8. UPDATE: Placeholders Fix

    Build 30a changelog:
    Fixes an issue with placeholders not refreshing in some cases.
  9. UPDATE: Initial 1.16 Support

    Build 30 changelog:
    Added 1.16.x support.
  10. UPDATE: Version Fix

    Fixed a typo in the version
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