[1.8 - 1.16] Hitmarkers - Know when you hit someone with a bow (Useful for PVP Servers!) Build 8a

WorldGuard Regions, Headshots/Killshots, Sounds, Actionbars, Titles, API & more!

  1. UPDATE: Update Error Fix

    Build 8a changelog:
    Fixed an NPE with the update checker when joining the server.
  2. UPDATE: 1.16 Support, permission to view hitmarkers.

    Build 8 changelog:
    1.16 support.
    Addition: The permission "hitmarkers.view" is now required in order to view hitmarkers.
  3. UPDATE: Regions, Fixes, API & more.

    Build 7 Changelog (config.yml changes required):
    Addition: HitmarkersHitEvent.java has been added. The event has many useful methods such as if the hit was fatal/headshot, the distance of the hit etc.
    Addition: Regions whitelist feature (WorldGuard required).
    Fix: Hitting yourself with a bow showing hitmarkers.
    Fix: $ms placeholder not working in the reload command message.
    Change: Changed the update notifications format.
    Remove: You can no...
  4. UPDATE: Actionbars, Headshot Sounds, API

    Build 6 Changelog:
    Addition: Display messages via actionbars.
    Addition: Headshot sounds.
    Addition: Basic API to retrieve configuration settings (HitmarkersAPI.java)
    Change: The config.yml layout has been changed, you need to reset it for this update to work.
  5. Bug fixes, update checker

    Build 5 changelog:
    • Fixed an issue where the reload command would not reload all configuration data.
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs (Citizens) would act as players when shot.
    • Added an update checker, a new command "/hitmarkers version".
    Add the following to your configuration:
    Code (Text):
       notifications: true