[1.8/1.7] Personify 1.0

Build skins for you in two simple commands

  1. Jack3885
    Quick and easily grab players skins and create them in your world. With just two simple commands.

    • Personify: Usage /Personify [Player Name]
    • Skinfetch: Usage /Skinfetch [Player Name]
    • personify.use : Allows generation of player statues
    • personify.download : Allows downloading of skins

    To Do:
    • Add a vault based Personify command to allow players to pay to make there own skin
    • Fix FATAL_ERROR on server side, when typing skinfetch with no args
    • set XYZ for the statue
    • Rollback function.. /undopersonify undoes the last person created
    • Make the commands not case sensitive



    Source(Coming soon on github)