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    What is MineZ?
    MineZ is a multiplayer zombie survival server for Minecraft inspired by Arma II’s DayZ. The game involves players defending against zombie hordes while gathering resources and exploring a post-apocalyptic world.

    "You have entered a world where civilization has come to an end. The zombie outbreak has engulfed the continent, and you are one of the lucky few who survived the initial outbreak. Armed with nothing but a wooden sword, you begin your journey of survival..."

    Game informational
    (by ShotBow wiki)
    The Basics
    • MineZ is a zombie apocalypse game, so horde of zombies and some zombie-ish mobs such as zombie pigmen and wolves await! There may be other more terrifying creatures out there, though...
    • The experience level is your thirst level. 20 is the maximum amount of hydration you can have, but don't let it get to 0 otherwise you will start to dehydrate and die! You can only replenish it by drinking from your water bottle. For long journeys, it may be wiser to carry more than one water bottle and refill it in every town with water. Drink a water bottle ONLY when your thirst level is between 3-0.
    • The experience bar is the zombies' visibility level on you. The higher your visibility, the further and easier can a zombie spot you! You can sneak to keep your visibility to a minimum, but sprinting (even in water) and jumping will greatly increase your visibility and make you an easier target for zombies!
    • In MineZ the zombies are faster, stronger and smarter than the ones you can find in Vanilla Minecraft. They are as fast as a sprinting person, but if they lose sight of you they find go back to your previous location to trap you.
    • (In developing) Chatting System is also modified. You don't hear others if you are more than 250m from a player.
    • Spawn into the world by using a Spawn selector on your hand. When you first spawn, you will spawn with a water bottle, a wooden sword, and a bandage.
    Types of Players
    • BANDITS are players that will kill anyone else on sight. They are categorized into several types: Leather Bandits, Iron Roamers, Tricksters and Massacre Teams. Leather Bandits are newly spawned bandits that hit anyone in sight despite having poor gear. Iron Roamers are iron-clad bandits that wander around the map, killing usually to obtain health potions. Tricksters are bandits who pretend to befriend you before killing you. Massacre Teams are small groups of well-armed bandits that loot town by town. They can easily be spotted with sprinting players, clans of iron bandits and large slews of death messages appearing on the chat as they battle other groups of players.
    • HEALERS are players that do not attack people on sight, but rather heal them (See Healing) and supply them with food, armor, gear etc. to send them on their way. However, do not let this facade of a friendly player fool you -occasionally, healers may be luring people with low health to them so they may kill them, as well as the fact that if you plan on becoming a healer, people may see you as a lesser-defended target and hunt you down. Healers that have healed 16 different people will have the Healer tag as a sign to others that they are reliable healers to trust.

    Armor are equipable items that serve to protect the player against damage. Each armor point (half a chestplate) gives a 4% damage reduction.
    Food is a class of item that restores the player's hunger bar on use. It is arguably the most important resource in the game. Nearly every action (moving, fighting, etc.) will deplete the hunger bar, and if it gets too low, the player will be in trouble. If a player's hunger bar drops to 6 points , they will lose the ability to sprint. If it drops down to 0, the player will slowly starve to death. For these reasons, food is a precious resource that should hold priority in one's inventory. Here is a chart with all the food currently available in-game.
    (In developing)
    Legendary Items are a special form of MineZ loot that can be found at the end of most dungeons as a reward. All Legendaries have special effects when used in game and are obtained from a specific dungeon.
    Regular Potions are consumable items within MineZ that inflict various status effects upon the consumer. They can be found in numerous environments and are generally regarded as relatively valuable. Unlike vanilla Minecraft, drinking a potion will not yield in an empty bottle and instead will be entirely consumed.
    There are 1, 2, 3 tiers
    Obtained from Civ chests

    Healing Tools


    Other Tools

    Types of Weapons

    Civilian Chests are found throughout the map. The contents of these chests can aid you in a variety of different ways, and are not combat related, but are instead used to help you overcome obstacles in your way. There are two types of civilian chests: Civ Common, Civ Uncommon. These contain a mixture of the old Civilian and Tool chests, with most items in these chests being great assets that will help you in various sticky situations in the world of MineZ.
    Food chests comprise entirely of food. There are three tiers of food chests: Food Common, Food Uncommon and Food Rare. Food Common chests are found in abundance in Southern locations, and spawn basic food, whereas Food Uncommon is found primarily in the Mid-Map and Northern locations. Food Uncommon chests spawn medium tier foods more frequently, while also providing some of the crafting items needed to make cookies and mushroom stew. Food Rare chests generally spawn food with higher saturation, such as baked potatoes and pumpkin pies, as opposed to Food Common and Uncommon chests.
    Potion chests contain entirely potion loot. There are three tiers; Pot Common, Pots Uncommon which spawns in most locations, and Pots Rare which is a special high tier chest that spawns only in the North and out of the way locations. With each respective tier, the likelihood of getting higher tier potions also increases.
    Military chests contain armor and weapons. As you head North, the tier and quality of the chests increases; Mil Common and Uncommon found in primarily Southern regions of the map, and Mil Rares and Mil Epics found primarily in the Mid-Map and Northern regions of the map.

    In developing

    In developing

    Grave robbing is a feature in MineZ that lets the player rob a grave to find loot. An iron shovel [​IMG] is required to rob a grave. You can only rob graves by breaking mossy cobblestone on a grave with an iron shovel, which will take 10 seconds to break the mossy cobblestone. The grave will reappear again after 6 minutes after being robbed. When robbing, there is a 33% chance to give you an item and a 67% chance to spawn a Zombie or a baby zombie. It is recommended not to dig graves up North as the loot isn't worth the effort and there is a chance that a Zombie Pigman will spawn in the place of the zombie.
    In developing


    Zombies are fast and dangerous brutes - modified by the developers to be clever, relentless and deadly. They often travel in packs, and run almost as fast as you can while sprinting, swim faster in water and they can also 'dive' to get to the player. They have poor vision, but can hear well enough to detect you, especially if you're sprinting and/or jumping. If you get hit by a zombie, it can alert nearby zombies, causing them to run over and attack you. The use of grenades can stun zombies, as well as the use of a snowball, which will confuse all zombies and prevent them from attacking you for a short period of time. Use this to your advantage. A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your Visibility, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you and eat your precious brains. Unlike vanilla zombies, they do not burn in sunlight or take fall damage (when ignited they have a chance of setting a player on fire). Zombies are capable of running at a player at sprinting speed, and can deal much more damage than vanilla zombies. They will also run faster and deal more damage the further North you go. When a player is killed, they will leave a zombie called a Player Zombie. This zombie will have the original player's armor and sword equipped, as well as having the player's nameplate above it. Player zombies are capable of dealing more damage and can have more protection, as they will equip the best armor and weapon the player had. When killed, they will drop everything that player was carrying in their inventory. When a determined period time passed from the player's zombie spawn, it may not drop the loot the dead player had. Zombies have around a 5% chance to give you Infection.

    Baby Zombie

    Baby Zombies spawn anywhere a zombie can, but are much rarer. They run slightly faster than zombies, deal the same damage but have half the health of a regular zombie. Due to this, they can be killed with iron swords Smite II or Smite III in a single hit. Baby Zombies also spawn in groups of 4 when a Zombie Pigman dies, making large groups of pigmen especially dangerous.

    Zombie Pigmen

    Zombie Pigmen are much more dangerous than Zombies so watch out! When encountering hostiles like these, use ranged weapons like bows or grenades if possible. If you have no ranged weapons, try your best to stay away from them.
    Unlike Zombies, Zombie Pigmen take fall damage and they run as fast as in Vanilla Minecraft, and can only spawn north of Z -2000(except in certain dungeons!). They also do not wield any sort of weaponry.

    Zombie Pigmen only have a half a heart of health. Their attacks deal 3 hearts of true damage, meaning they deal 3 hearts of damage no matter what armor you're using, making them a threat at all stages of the game. When killed, a zombie pigman will explode and spawn 4 baby zombies. The explosion itself can deal up to 4 hearts of damage on an unarmored player. It is worth noting that splash potions damage zombie pigmen and can cause them to explode, however, the damage from a pigman explosion will oftentimes damage a player before the splash potion heals them. Be careful using splash potions near them!

    Baby Zombie Pigman
    Baby Zombie Pigmen were added to the game to spawn from a Zombie Pigman, but were later altered to just be a rare spawn up North. They're similar to adult Zombie Pigmen; they have low health, do large amounts of damage and explode when slain, causing a knockback effect with large magnitude and damage. The knockback effect from the explosion can knock a player into the air up to 20 blocks, so it is advised to dispose of them at a safe distance with ranged weapons.

    Unlike Zombie Pigmen, they run and swim just as fast as a regular Zombie. Due to this, they can very easily overwhelm a player, killing them quicker if they're not careful. It is advised to shoot a baby pigman from far away whenever you see one.

    The Giant (or Giant Zombie) is a boss mob located in the northern canyons of MineZ and inside certain dungeons. They are known to drop 'end-game' loot such as diamond swords, infinity bows, golden carrots and zombie heads. It is one of the most iconic symbols of MineZ. Giants are not affected by bows, grenades or splash potions. The Smite enchantment deals additional damage to Giants, and hitting the giant while in the air (crits) does additional damage as well. Also bear in mind that Giants are immune to fall damage and fire, like normal zombies. They share the same texture as zombies, but are twelve blocks tall. They are capable of dealing varying high amounts of damage. Behavior They can use a special jump attack in response to being hit sometimes, in which it jumps several blocks into the air, and lands, creating an explosive shockwave that knocks people back 15-30 blocks, does large amounts of damage, and inflicts a Slowness debuff. The closer you are to the giant, the higher the amount of damage it will do. If you get too close the Giant, it will kick you away. This attack deals 6 hearts of damage to an unarmored player. You can go into little corners to prevent the Giant from kicking you, but you are more vulnerable to the stomp. When hit, it has a chance to spawn 1 zombie which will attack you. Hitting a giant multiple times in rapid succession is a surefire way to spawn many zombies at once. It's best to hit it 2 or 3 times, and then run away to deal with the zombies that spawned. To avoid taking serious damage when fighting a giant, it is best to run as far away from the giant as you can while it stomps. Following the Origins update, giants are now tethered to their spawn points in a 200 hundred block radius, meaning that giants who walk outside this radius will be moved back to their spawn point. Fighting If you are fighting with other people, you may want to bring a healing kit, as you or your friends can whack the Giant and come back for a heal. You must still bring health pots just in case. If you are fighting alone, you will need about 1/3 of your inventory full of health pots, preferably splash or lingering potions of healing II. When you're ready, run up to the Giant, and jump backwards, hitting the Giant as you land. This isn't the only method of attack, but it's a very efficient one, and makes it very hard for the Giant to kick you. Note that zombies will sometimes spawn upon Giant hit, but keep hitting the Giant and when you get kicked/stomped, heal up and deal with the zombies while your friends take care of the Giant for a while (unless you are fighting solo). When killed, they drop a large amount of rotten flesh, and 1-2 of the other items (there can be duplicates). The diamond sword is always at quarter durability when dropped, the infinity bow is always at full durability, and the diamond axe is always at 350 durability(about 1/4).

    Healing is a vital part of MineZ, as unlike Vanilla Minecraft, health will not regenerate with a full hunger bar. In order to regain health, you will need to be healed, use potions or eat any kind of food, excluding rotten flesh.

    Healing Yourself
    Healing yourself is pretty simple, if you don't mind the inventory space used. You should have at least a few of these ready for healing if in a group, and a lot more if you're traveling alone.

    • [​IMG] Paper (known as a bandage) can be right clicked to instantly heal a single heart or stop any bleeding you might have and it will only heal half a heart. The paper is immediately consumed, so carry more than one.
    • [​IMG] Food, excluding rotten flesh, will heal you half a heart every time you eat (in addition to restoring hunger). The most efficient food to restore health from is golden apples, since they give you Regeneration II for five seconds and Absortion II for two minutes. Eating food will not stop bleeding.
    • [​IMG] Health potions can be found mainly in potion chests (mainly found in churches) and come in Instant Health I and II. Splash and Lingering versions also exist. You can drink them for an instant 3 or 4 hearts of health respectively. You will not get an empty bottle back after drinking one. You can brew drinkable Instant Health potions with gunpowder to make them splash potions and glowstone dust can be used to make Health Is, drink or splash, into Health IIs.
    Healing Others

    Healing others is a very good way for a team to keep each others health up while taking up minimal inventory space. In order to heal another player without using health potions, you will need shears (also known as Healing kit) and the proper kit items such as healing ointment, antibiotics, bandages, etc. Healing another player will consume the items used, so if you enable healing ointment and antibiotics it will consume one bandage and one of each enabled item. However if you have nothing enabled and attempt to heal someone with just a bandage it will give them a small amount of health without consuming a bandage or any kit items. After being successfully healed by another player, you must wait out a cooldown that varies in length depending on what kit items you used for the heal in order for someone to heal you again.
    Thirst and Visibility are mechanics added in to MineZ that are not found in Vanilla Minecraft. Unlike bleeding and infection, these mechanics cannot be remedied or removed, but their effect can be delayed or reduced. See the categories below for additional information about the mechanics.
    Thirst is an added mechanic similar to Hunger. It is indicated by the number of levels you have above your visibility (experience) bar, with 20 representing "full". Over time, a player's thirst will drain, taking approximately 15 minutes to fully deplete. Thirst will always deplete over time, whether you're moving or not, so it is not recommended to remain idle for long periods of time.

    The only way to restore your thirst is to drink a water bottle ([​IMG]). Drinking water will always bring your thirst back to 20, so it is recommended you only drink when next to a water source or while your thirst is less than 3. Always be sure to keep extra water bottles on hand as many areas do not have a source near them. The water bottle is a default item on the spawnkit for a MineZ player.

    Should you reach 0 thirst, you will begin taking a heart of damage every second until you either drink some water or die of dehydration.

    Visibility (represented by the experience bar) shows the range at which a mob will be able to 'hear' you or detect you. The higher the bar goes, the wider your detection range becomes. Movement will make the bar go up. Standing still while crouching will produce the least amount of sound, while sprint-jumping will produce the most sound. At night time, your visibility will decrease by a small amount. Certain items can make a lot of noise, such as Snowballs and Grenades, which are useful for either drawing attention to or away from you. Other items, such as the Zombie Head ([​IMG]) can lower your visibility, or eliminate it completely.

    For escaping from zombies, it is recommended to throw a snowball at your feet as it will 'stun' the zombies for a brief moment, giving you enough time to get away.

    Bleeding can occur when you take damage from players or zombies. Upon receiving a hit that causes the player to bleed, they will be informed through a status message in the chat. Further messages are displayed in the bleeding player's chat whenever they take damage from bleeding.

    While bleeding, you take one heart ([​IMG]) of true damage and get Slowness II for 3 seconds every 30-40 seconds, and redstone particles resembling blood will fall from your body until the debuff is removed. This effect can also be seen by other players. You cannot actually die from bleeding, although it will bring you down to half a heart ([​IMG]). Even at half a heart you will still receive the Slowness effect from bleeding.

    There are two methods of removing bleeding from a player. Once a player has been cured of the debuff, a message in chat will confirm that the bleeding has stopped.

    The first method of removing the effect is by right clicking with a bandage. Normally a bandage will restore one heart ([​IMG]), however while bleeding a bandage will restore half a heart ([​IMG]) and cure the bleeding debuff. The second method is to be bandaged by another player using a bandage ([​IMG]) and a healing ointment ([​IMG]) in a heal kit ([​IMG]).

    It is recommended that you have two or more bandages, as if you start to bleed you will go through all of your health potions quite fast.

    Upon hit from a Zombie, Zombie Pigman or another player with the Infection debuff, the player has a 2.5% chance of contracting the Infection. The player also has a 5% chance of becoming infected upon consuming rotten flesh. Similarly to bleeding, a message will be displayed in the infected player's chat informing them of when they become infected or take damage from infection.

    Infection causes half a heart ([​IMG]) of true damage every 10-20 seconds and causes Nausea III for five seconds each time until the debuff is cured. Infected players also emit transparent potion effect particles that are visible to all players. Once the infected player is reduced to half a heart ([​IMG]), they will no longer take damage from infection but will still receive the Nausea effect every 10-20 seconds. If an infected player disconnects from the server, they will find themself dead upon reconnecting to MineZ.

    Infection can be cured in two different ways. A message will appear in the player's chat when they are cured of the infection debuff.

    The first way to cure infection is by drinking milk ([​IMG]), which can be found in loot chests around the world. The second is by being bandaged by another player using a bandage ([​IMG]) and antibiotics ([​IMG]) in a heal kit ([​IMG]).

    How to setup?
    1. You need a large map with buildings
    2. Paste the plugin into the plugins folder
    3. Start the server
    4. Enter the command "/MineZ" (you must be an operator)
    5. Select SpawnPoint marker and set the right amount spawns
    6. Select "Chests" and arrange the chests on the map
    7. Place mob spawners as needed (every 1m: 10s zombies spawn next to live players)
    8. Set regions and configure them if needed. Choose "Area" -> "Get AreaHelper", left click sets pos1, right click sets pos2,
      "/ MineZ createarea <Name>" with AreaMarker in hand to add a region. "Area" -> "Click me to customize areas" to customize regions
    9. Tune the LangConfig, MainConfig, MobConfig, ItemsConfig in plugin folder of necessity
    10. Start the server and you can play
    11. I highly recommend using DynMap for the server map (Example: minezmap.com)
    Over time it will be supplemented and edited.
    Discord - NBK#5561
    Please report any bugs found


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