1.8 Anvils (Stable repairs and renames) 1.1

anvil 1.8 spigot vanilla mcmmo

  1. Maratx
    I've modified a popular plugin to make anvils "work" with the latest spigot (even works with MCMMO)

    1) rightclick to repair; there is a set level price that can be modified in the config.yml
    2) /rename [name] to rename your item; there is also a fixed price in config.yml

    The plugin is based off of Anvil Repairs:
    Code (Text):
    /rename command based off:
    Code (Text):
    I've added the rename command to the repair plugins and it's smooth sailing; repairing enchanted items, renaming items, and even better than the default anvil ^_^

    source download:
    Version 1.1:
    Code (Text):

    Compiled via java jdk SE 7
    External Libraries:
    - bukkit-1.7.10-R0.1-20140817.175650-8.jar
    - Vault-1.4.1.jar

    Instructions: The plugin works off the bat, you just have to change/add your world(s) names in /plugins/AnvilRepairs/config.yml under "enabled-worlds:"

    You can change the price of repairing an item (default 10[levels]) and renaming an item via the /rename command (default 2 [levels])

    To do:
    - Add a if statement to check if nothing is in the users hand [done]
    - Add economy to /rename (Economy is already added for the repair system)

    Enjoy the plugin! It sure helped work out anvils for me on 1.8; enjoy!

    Note: Both plugins that I've borrowed code for are open-source and I can make a github fork but under fair-use my small modifications are fine.

    [What's the point of making it open source if you don't want people to tinker :p]

    Feel free to play with the code, fork it, suggest, report, etc; as long as you don't sell the resource (that is illegal)

    If you need to contact me, join #maratx on espernet IRC :)

    Maratx, 3 minutes ago