[1.8] Bonemealer 1.0

Bonemeal a huge radius within seconds!

  1. _CriticalMC_
    CriticalMC, Domi381



    The Bonemealer plugin is fantastic for placing huge areas of grass & flowers within seconds! To use this plugin to the best of it's ability, I'd personally suggest using World Edit. World Edit will make add & removing certain flowers or grass much easier. Bonemealer is generally used for builders who need an enormous radius covered in seconds.

    Commands & Permissions
    Bonemealer has very easy commands and permissions. If you don't understand this, bonemealer isn't for you.

    » /bm [radius]
    I wouldn't suggest anything over 150 unless you have a strong server.

    » bm.*
    Admin mode for bonemealer. Simple as can be.

    World Editing
    To make your area look flawless and professional you must use World Edit. This makes doing huge areas a breeze. When you've set your radius of bonemeal, find the edges of the region. One on one corner, and the opposite corner. Make sure you've selected low enough and high enough to successfully make full changes. Once you've selected your area do the following commands.
    » //replace flower 0
    » //replace rose 0
    » //replace 31:1 31:1,0
    Once you've completed these commands, your selected region should look flawless and professional.

    License Agreement
    Bonemealer being a small plugin and used for the general building, anyone is allowed to decompile and make any changes needed. You can only change this plugin for personal use and is not to be redistributed in any way shape or form. When downloading this plugin you've agreed to this statement.