[1.8] Player-Info 1.0

PlayerInfo, Admin Tool, IP, Info

  1. Desko
    Get Info´s about a Player
    What does the plugin?
    The plugin add one command, witth that you can see informations about the player (IP, UUID and more).

    If you have Ideas, what i can add to the plugin, write it in the comments.

    Developer: Desko

    YouTube: Desko [German Videos]
    Skype: official.b3n
    MiniGame-Network: MelonGames.de (I´m hust a Developer on this Network)

    If you have questions, please add me in Skype.
    Or join the Teamspeak with the domain ts.MelonGames.de. (Only German Support!)

    I´m sorry for my very bad english.