[1.8] PvP Effect Command [Perk] 2016-05-17

Donation Perk for 1.8 servers very good for PvP servers!

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    • 1.8
    PvP Effect Command;

    zKerry - Coder and devolper. New to coding! :O


    Hello this is my first plugin and it's a cool donation perk for your server. This command is like the one on TimelessPvP which you get with the Elder rank.
    I've made it for free for you guys so hope you enjoy!

    PvP Command

    /pvp - pvp.allow --> Main Command.

    /helppvp - pvp.help --> Show's info about commands. Only one currently.

    Current Effects:
    Speed III - for 8 minutes
    Haste - for 8 minutes
    Strenght II - for 2 minutes
    Regeneration 4 - for 30 seconds

    This is currently not changable in any config.
    Please contact me if you want me to change the potion effects. (Free)

    Download at top right / and move to desktop.
    Open "Plugins" folder.
    Left click on PvP.jar and move to Plugins.
    Start your server and enjoy! :)

    Other information:
    Thank you, if you find any bugs please contact me on skype or want me to change potion effects to you're way. Skype: (zKerry). Please do not troll me as I am busy. I will be adding a donation link but you won't have to if you don't want to. Have a good day and enjoy!

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