[1.8] Spawners 1.2

An economy based spawner mining/editingplugin.

  1. KiwiFisher
    This plugin requires Vault for full functionality (Economy).

    • This plugin allows for the breaking, placing and changing of spawners, at an economic cost. It uses a sleek, scaled inventory GUI which displays the mob’s spawn egg, a coloured title, as well as information on price to change to the hovered mob, or to break the spawner and have it drop. (Prices are set in config.yml).

    • The tool for breaking and editing spawners is definable in the config, and is defaulted to a STONE_PICKAXE

    • Allows the config to define whether a tool needs silk touch to mine a spawner. This can be bypassed with the permission node spawners.bypasssilktouch

    • The current mobs implemented are:
      • Cow
      • Chicken
      • Mushroom Cow
      • Pig o Rabbit
      • Sheep
      • Cave Spider
      • Enderman
      • Spider
      • Pig Zombie
      • Blaze
      • Ghast
      • Magma Cube
      • Silverfish
      • Skeleton
      • Slime
      • Witch
      • Zombie
    Player Usage:
    • Single left click a spawner while holding the spawner tool item and the cost to break the spawner (And drop the item) is displayed in chat.
    • Right click the spawner while holding the spawner tool to open the “Change Spawner” GUI.
    Admin Usage:
    • Access to change to a type of spawner is set using a vault supported permissions plugin, like PeX or Group Manager.
    • Permissions per mob:
      • spawners.chicken
      • spawners.cow
      • spawners.mushroom _ cow
      • spawners.pig
      • spawners.rabbit
      • spawners.sheep
      • spawners.cave_ spider
      • spawners.enderman
      • spawners.spider
      • spawners.pig_zombie
      • spawners.blaze
      • spawners.ghast
      • spawners.magma_cube
      • spawners.silverfish
      • spawners.skeleton
      • spawners.slime
      • spawners.witch
      • spawners.zombie
    • Access to have spawners drop when broken with the tool is spawners.break
    • Access to open the GUI is spawners.gui
    • Access to have Zombie, Skeleton, Blaze, Pig, Cow, Mushroom Cow, Enderman and Pig Zombie in the GUI, is spawners.basic_group
    • Access to bypass silk touch (if enabled) is spawners.bypasssilktouch
    This plugin is completely command free, apart from /spawners reload, which reloads the config. ( spawners.relaod ).

    If you liked this plugin please give it a like and leave a rating! If you happen to encounter a bug, please report it to me and I'll squash it as soon as I can.

Recent Reviews

  1. JPG2000
    Version: 1.2
    Love this resource, worked well for my server. Did everything i wanted it to do, config is setup well too!
    1. KiwiFisher
      Author's Response
      Glad you liked it <3
  2. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 1.1
    Good Pluggin :D

    has near all what a spaawner plugin needs :)

    Just missing the little Option to have a permission that forces player to have silktouch (featers athat am sure some alo searched for ;) )
    1. KiwiFisher
      Author's Response
      Glad you liked it! Thanks for the review. I have now added in that functionality :P #ResponsiveDev