[1.9-1.16] Custom Recipes and Crafting (CraftEnhance)

Make custom recipes through GUI's only - the only plugin that supports itemmeta, like enchantments.

  1. DutchJelly
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Join the discord for support! https://discord.gg/8xYEbft All detailed update info is also posted there first.

    More up-to-date and detailed info about the plugin is written in the wiki.

    Any donations are really helping. Donate here if you like this plugin: give me a nice cup of coffee :)


    The plugin allows you to create and disable any recipe in-game through gui's. It's very easy and intuitive. Here's a quick (pretty outdated but functional) video where everything is explained:

    And another showcase by SoulStriker:


    Craft with your custom items.
    This means you can add recipes with enchantments, custom names, a durability, potions or anything you can think of that exists in the game.

    Full GUI support.
    Editing recipes, creating recipes, viewing recipes and ordering the recipes in the viewer GUI are all possible through inventory GUIs.

    Middle click to edit.
    Opening the editor for a recipe is not done through a command, but done through a simple middlemouseclick on a recipe in the recipe viewer. This does require a permission.

    Set permissions for a recipe.
    In order to completely let server owners be owners of their server, permissions for the custom recipes exist. People that don't have the permission for a custom recipe, can't craft or see it. The 'seeing' part can be configured.

    Hide recipes but still make them craftable.
    You can simply hide recipes for the players that don't have the 'bypass' permission for it. They'll still be able to craft the recipes if they have permissions for the recipe.

    Disable vanilla recipes
    There's a gui which you can use to disable all the vanilla recipes you want. No more over-powered, cheap diamond/netherite armor! (that's how I use it)

    Edit items in-game.
    To make cool recipes an item editor is needed. This item editor allows users to set colored lore, set colored names, set the durability, add enchantments, add itemflags or even set the localizedname of items. And for the record: itemflags are the things that allow you to hide enchantments or attributes on items!

    Tab completion support!
    I personally think this is an obligated feature to have since the 1.13 update of Minecraft. No more remembering all commands, just the first few letters of a few basic ones.


    These are the commands related to custom recipe creation and viewing.

    Use tabcompletion on this!

    /ceh viewer
    Open the recipe viewer GUI.

    Open the recipe viewer GUI.

    /ceh createrecipe [key] [perms]
    Create a recipe with the specified key and permission. If no arguments are given it'll generate a key for you and let the recipe require not permission.

    /ceh specs [key]
    Show the specs of the recipe with the specified key. The specs only include the permission currently.

    /ceh setpermission [key] [perms]
    Change the permission of the recipe with the specified key to new_permission.

    /ceh changekey [key] [newKey]
    This command allows users to change the key of the recipe with the specified key.

    /ceh cleanitemfile
    When creating recipes, your custom items get saved to an "items.yml" file. When recipes get altered, the items don't get removed. Use this command to remove unused items.

    /ceh reload
    Reloads the whole plugin!

    These are the commands related to item editing.
    This is the basic command for editing items. Please use tab completion on this.
    /edititem name [name]
    Edit the name of the item in your main hand.
    /edititem durability [1-100]
    Set the durability of the item in your main hand to [1-100]% of it's max durability.
    /edititem enchant [enchantment] [level] [... etc.]
    Set your specified enchantments to your held item. It removes all enchants and then adds the specified ones. Please let me know if this is weird and needs modification.
    /edititem itemflag [itemflag] [itemflag] [... etc.]
    Toggle the specified itemflags on your held item.
    /edititem lore [line_number] [lore]
    Set the specified line of the lore of your held item to be the specified tekst. The tekst section can be left empty if an empty line needs to be added.


    The permissions are configurable!
    However, these are the default permissions. You can also look these up in the config.yml file.

    /ceh createrecipe, /ceh cleanitemfile, /ceh reload, /ceh setpermission, /ceh specs, /ceh changekey. This is also the permission required to middleclick recipes to open the editor.

    /ceh viewer, /recipes

    All commands that start with /edititem.


    Alongside the config.yml, 3 other files will be created: guitemplates.yml, recipes.yml and items.yml.

    You can fully customize all the gui's that you see using this file. I think they're faily self-explanatory given the preset files, so I'll only go over the basics. "fill-space" is a range of slot indexes where items can get filled, like the recipes in the recipes viewer. "template" specifies the items that are put into the inventory. Make sure that those don't overlap with fill-space. In template the buttons are also made.
    "buttons" specifies where the buttons are located, where the value is the type of the button. Please refer to the preset file to see your options.

    You can manually make or edit all your recipes in here. The recipes use item keys of items in the items.yml file. However, because all recipes can be created through gui's, I'll not go over this more in-depth.

    Items are stored here with a unique key. This is also managed by the plugin, so there's no real need to touch this.

    Some of the messages and permissions are stored in here. One of the important settings is whether you want people to see a recipe that they don't have permissions to.

Recent Reviews

  1. Skizzles
    The plugin does not even load on default files, tried to report the issue and the support can't even read an error message or listen for 5 minutes. Can't recommend due to the lack of sense from support.
    1. DutchJelly
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure what your Discord name is, but I think that you didn't provide a clear error log that includes a startup log (which is actually really clearly asked for in the #info channel). Some people are devoting their free time in offering their support, which you don't seem to respect. You could also learn to read the error logs yourself as a server owner.

      However, I'm still willing to help with getting the plugin working for you :)
  2. TehMartinXz
    Really good plugin, is very lightweight and pretty useful. Would love to see custom "recipes" por anvils in the future if that's possible
    1. DutchJelly
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your rating and suggestion :)

      I can't promise an anvil support update soon because I'm very busy with other projects at the moment, and I'd like to focus on other updates first.
  3. ChildBeaterZ
    Version: 2.4.2
    whyyyyyy this plugin not 1.8 version? :(((((((((
    or this plugin working 1.8 version?
    1. DutchJelly
      Author's Response
      You could try it on 1.8, but it'll mostlikely not work with many features of the plugin. I cannot support 1.8 because the game has changed too much. However, if you would like a custom 1.8 version of the plugin, hit me up on discord, I can make a custom build for you.
  4. TattlingElk
    Version: 2.4.2
    Works perfectly in 1.17, used it to enable the crafting recipe for Bundles that are meant for 1.18 only. Now my players can use Bundles in 1.17 without any restrictions.
    1. DutchJelly
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. I'm glad that the plugin is working well for your server :)
  5. Fox_Lain
    Version: 2.4.2
    The plugin is out of date on new versions, please update your plugin the best of its kind
    1. DutchJelly
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. You're right, many recipe types are missing. I'm considering to drop support of mc versions below 1.13 to be able to support more recipe types more easily for future versions, which would make it more up to date.
  6. dani626
    Version: 2.4.2
    very easy to use, I would like to implement the placeholderapi to be able to put the name of the player to the items they create.
  7. TheGamersUnknown
    Version: 2.4.2
    Good plugin, only issue I encountered was the next day I logged onto the server(Server is up 24/7) and the plugin wouldn't work. I had to reinstall a fresh config file - something got messed up and caused the recipes to not load and they were all lost. Could be a bug. Overall its easy to use- fast - and friendly very well developed!
  8. 2hc_
    Version: 2.4.2
    is this plugin supporting furnace,stonecutter,smithing table ? and this plugin is awesome
  9. RifusX
    Version: 2.4.2
    Хороший плагин, позволяет настроить предмет как вам угодно, с рецептами тоже. Мне это нравится. Но я не понял, как изменить атрибут предмета. Например, изменить урон меча
  10. gamer3433
    Version: 2.4.2
    Algunos crafteos interfieren con el crafteo del item principal y lo borran al principal
    Al Realizar una modificacion de un pico del crafteo el principal se borro