[1.9/1.8] SetHearts v1.3

Set the hearts of anyone with no limits!

  1. 1.9 & 1.8 Compatible!

    Hey guys, I'd just like to inform you that SetHearts is now 1.9 compatible as well as 1.8! :) Enjoy.
  2. Added automatic SetHearts permission

    Hey all! By request of @KrustyLv, I've added two new commands and a config file to the plugin. When you do /sethearts permission <amount>, everyone with the permission "sethearts.custom" will always (even after restart) have those hearts, until you do the command /sethearts removepermission. As simple as that!

    Have fun!
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  3. Added "*" argument

    Hey all! By request of @ImHiding I've added a feature where you can do /sethearts * <amount>, which will set the hearts of everyone to the given amount!

    If you have a request that you'd like added to the plugin, feel free to ask it in the discussion section! If you like the plugin, don't forget to leave a good rating!
  4. Health no longer scaled!

    • In the previous version, the health was scaled, meaning that if you set your hearts to 20, it would work, but something that would normally do two hearts would do four hearts, so it was simply aesthetic. Now, each individual heart acts as its own.
    • Fixed an internal error with hearts going above 1024.
    • Added compatibility with my new plugin.