[1.9+] JacobIRC 2.0


  1. jacobcz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    JacobIRC 2.0
    A complete rewrite of the plugin, compatible with the 1.8 version!!!

    Watch a timelapse of the making of this plugin here!

    JacobIRC 2.0 is fully compatible with Minecraft 1.9!

    JacobIRC is a bridge between the in-game chat and a channel on a IRC server! Simply tell it where to connect and you can talk with your fellow players even if they are not in game! (Many IRC networks have even a web-chat so you don't even have to download an IRC client!)

    Simply download the latest build, put it in the plugins folder, edit the config.yml file and profit!

    (Depending on the build you are using, the config may look a bit different!)

    BotName - The nick of the bot, that will connect to the IRC server on behalf of your Minecraft server
    ChannelName - Name of the channel, which the bot should join
    IrcServer - IP of the IRC server to join
    IrcPort - Port of the server (default 6667)
    RegisteredPassword - Password for the NickService. If your bot's nick is not registered, set the value to''
    Encoding - Encoding for the connection. We recommend sticking with utf-8
    SendAllMessages - Should the bot forward all IRC messages to the game, or only those, where the bot is mentioned
    IrcAdmins - Array! List of nicks, that are allowed to issue game commnds from the IRC (use only with registered nicks and extreme care!)
    AdminErrorMsg - What should we tell the user, when he does something illegal
    UserConnectMsg - What should we broadcast to the IRC when someone joins the MC server
    UserDisconnectMsg - What should we broadcast to the IRC when someone leaves the MC server
    MessageFormat - How should we display the IRC messages in game? (%s will be replaced by the sender's name, %m by the message, you can now use colors!, more info on colors can be found here...)
    ChatFormat - How should we display the in-game messages on IRC? (%s will be replaced by the sender's name, %m by the message)

    In-Game commands
    /jirc [reload]
    - The reload argument is optional. When issued without it, plugin version is displayed, when issued with it, the plugin is reloaded. You need the jirc.jirc permission to do this...
    /ircmd [command] [args] - Send a RAW line to the IRC server (e.g. KICK [channel] [client] <[message]>) (You need the jirc.ircmd permission to do this!)

    IRC Commands
    - Shows the current plugin version
    !players - Lists all players on the server
    !help - Lists all available commands
    !cmd [command] - Send a command to the game (Your nick must be in the IrcAdmins list!)

    (All permissions default to OP!)
    jirc.jirc - Required to use the /jirc command
    jirc.ircmd - Required to use the /ircmd command
    jirc.∗ - Superperm for all the JIRC Commands...

    There's more comming soon!
    (We are using the PircBot library published under the GPL license by Jibble)

Recent Reviews

  1. rmellis
    Version: 2.0
    Awesome Plugin, Allows easy cross server chat via IRC
    I Had a issue with a server running windows displaying  in chat instead of color codes which was making a mess, turns out Windows java does not use URF-8 by Default so if you are on windows, to use this correctly you need to add -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 to your startup.bat file
    java -Xmx16G -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar spigot.jar -o true