[1.9] LobbyBow v1.5.6

The teleport bow that all the popular networks have.

  1. Derugo
    LobbyBow is a plugin which enables players to teleport around your network's hub/lobby by firing a bow. It simply teleports the player to the landing location of the fired arrow, in addition to this, the arrow is automatically removed upon teleporting to avoid arrow spam in your hub. This plugin is almost identical to that of all the popular server networks and allows for near-full customization.

    • Join with a bow with a custom name.
    • Teleport around by firing the bow.
    • Specify which slots both the bow and arrow are in.
    • Keeps a players yaw/pitch upon teleporting so you don't lose your direction.
    • Choose which world the plugin is enabled in. (all features (teleportation, arrow damage and bow being given automatically) are disabled in all other worlds.
    • Add custom lore to the bow and arrow (can disable the lore)
    • Can disable item dropping and inventory movement of all items in the enabled world if the player is in either survival or adventure mode.
    • Permissions for using and receiving the teleport bow and arrow.

    • Make it so only the bow given by the plugin/with the correct name will teleport you. (this will enable the plugin to be a nice donator perk which I assume would be allowed with Mojang's EULA)
    • Add a command to receive the bow.
    • PM me your suggestions!

    /lobbybow reload - lobbybow.reload
    lobbybow.receive - receive the teleport bow and arrow on join.
    lobbybow.use - use the teleport bow.

    • Please report any by either commenting or sending me a PM.

    I develop plugins as a hobby in my free time. Majority of the plugins I develop will be free unless I feel it is actually worth selling. Please consider donating, even pennies, as not only does it support me, it is highly appreciated and shows me that people enjoy and like my plugins.

    Donate here:

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Recent Reviews

  1. GiwrgosMasterGR
    Version: v1.5.6
    i using in 1.12.1 work perfect with op. if i deop not work. maybe any flag in worldguard?
  2. XxpartythunderxX
    Version: v1.5.6
    dont download this plugin it dont work and if you delete it the join msg is still not remove worst plugin ever
    1. Derugo
      Author's Response
      Not tested or supported in versions 1.9+.
      There is no 'join message' in this plugin, nor does this even edit them.

      Thanks for the review.
  3. olgetxheko
    Version: v1.5.6
    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST)
    public void onDamage(EntityDamageByEntityEvent event){
    if (this.getConfig().getString("arrow-damage").equals("false")){
    if (event.getEntity().getWorld().getName().equals(this.getConfig().getString("enabled-world"))){
    if(event.getCause() == DamageCause.PROJECTILE){

    No snow, egg, enderpearl etc damage
  4. SloPlays
    Version: v1.5.6
    Works great ! Simple, lightweight and works without any event problems on 1.9.4 server.
    Great resource !
  5. writkas
    Version: v1.5.6
    Very cool plugin, :D thanks :)
  6. Cnniillss
    Version: v1.5.6
    Super good is there a way you can add a cooldown then it will be perfect for my needs :D Thanks anyways
  7. olget1
    Version: v1.5.6
    add on player death only clear bow and arrow no all items
  8. ApenKaas
    Version: v1.5.6
    Good plugin! Easy and fun to use! I use this on my server! IP : aanbakkaas.myserver.gs Love this work
  9. xXSquidMcXx
    Version: v1.5.5
    Great plugin but the only problem is my players can shoot through barriers above them.
    :) Great Hub plugin though.
    1. Derugo
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the late reply. Currently working on re-coding the entire plugin as right now it's just a mess :P Will be adding a feature to block the teleport if the arrow lands on a barrier block (might add a blacklist in the config) Will be released in the next 12-24 hours.
  10. X.25
    Version: v1.5.5
    Fantastic. Very simple and does exactly what I needed. Easy to configure, easy to use, thank you very much.