1v1 plugin (custom kits) (text-based) (simple) (fast) (configurable) (fast command based) 2020-12-21

/1v1 command, craft1v1 plugin, custom kits, configurable, simle, text-based, no-gui, no-ugly-gui,

  1. BatemanBR
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.16


    It is a plugin for x1 kitpvp where you can choose various types of struggles with ease in "config.yml". Contains several features to let compatibility with other plugins kit and other plugin types. It is an optimal choice for this plugin creating a 1v1 because it will be able to create various types of 1v1 not so standard that many servers use, not to mention the much to configure. The plugin also blocks arrows fighters hit other players who are not playing, you can also put the enchantment on items and armor.

    Download pt-BR: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r8z3l6v3gv6geq3/Craft1V1.jar

    For those unfamiliar to the 1v1 kitpvp'll explain better: When you type / 1v1, you are teleported to a local and earn some items and these items are to ask for a 1v1 to other players and they also accept by click on you with the blaze rod, after the application is accepted all 1v1 players will be invisible unless your opponent and you guys won items according to the type of fight that was asked after the fight is over mesagem shows the life and soups of the opponent and everyone is back to stay visible again.

    • /1v1 - Teleport to 1v1
    • /1v1 admin - Show all command admin
    • /1v1 admin setloc1 - Set location of the first player
    • /1v1 admin setloc2 - Set location of the second player
    • /1v1 admin setlocexit - Set exit
    • /1v1 admin setlocspawn - Set spawn of the 1v1
    • craft1v1.admin - Give all permission admin
    you can add infinite custom kits, i add 4 ready custom kits. ELITE, ENCHANTED and RANDOM