2FA+ | Staff Authentication 2.4.17

Simple 2FA plugin for your Minecraft server.

  1. Modern Plan support, minor updates

    * Updated Plan support
    * Completed minor name change
  2. Auth bypass fix + multi-language support

    * Fixed issue with a potential auth bypass
    * Added multi-language support

    To add more languages, simply create the appropriate file in the "lang" sub-directory for the plugin. For example, you may add Spanish language support by creating a file named "lang_es.yml" or UK English language support by creating a file named "lang_en_GB.yml"
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  3. Tons of bug fixes

    * Fixed issue with a random "method not found" exception on load, regarding Guava
    * Fixed "runs better on X" message firing when using a forked project
    * Version matching is now more resilient
    * Code cleanup with fetching player name/UUID
  4. Minor bug fixes

    * Fixed bug in Redis caching
    * Some minor annoyance fixes
  5. Auto-run commands + more permission nodes

    * Added a new config entry that allows for running a command when too many 2FA attempts have been reached
    * Changed permissions slightly to allow more flexibility with server/2FA management
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  6. More fixes!

    * Fixed yet another issue with SQL loading
    * Re-ordered event priorities to play nicely with other plugins (like chat)
  7. More minor bug fixes

    Fixed issue which caused some console error spam
  8. Minor bug fixes

    * Fixed 1.13-compatibility
    * Fixed issue with SQLite loading
    * Added logback
    * Updated deps
  9. Minor bug fixes

    * Reduced way-overblown key size for OTP
    * Added more debug output
    * Code cleanup
  10. Codebase Rewrite

    Not quite a full rewrite of everything, but pretty close! This offers performance improvements, better support for more systems, and of course some odd bug fixes.