2LS AntiExploits - Bungee Network Protection 0.0.7

Light plugin to maintain your network protected from UUID Spoof and CustomPayload (Jigsaw Crash)

  1. 2LS AntiExploits - Update 0.0.7

    UPDATE 0.0.7

    + Changed the name of the plugin to 2LS AntiExploits. (2 Lovers Studios)
    + Fixed a false positive with CustomPayload Detection.
    + Made CustomPayload Detection faster.
    + Tested in a 120 Player Network without bugs yet.

    You have to delete your...
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  2. AntiExploits - Update 0.0.6

    UPDATE 0.0.6

    + Changed how the packet detection works. (Now it is Faster and less Buggy)
    + NEW! Normal/General packet spam detection.
    + Tested in a 60 players environment with no problems yet.

    No config changes!
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  3. AntiExploits - Update 0.0.5

    UPDATE 0.0.5

    Probably fixed some unexpected bugs.
    + Added Anti WorldEdit crash. (Anti //calc)

    You have to delete your messages.yml before updating!
  4. AntiExploits - Update 0.0.4

    UPDATE 0.0.4

    Added DeltaAntiBot compatibility.
    + Added HostLimiter option.
    + Added a lot of new configuration options.
    + Increased performance.

    You have to delete your config.yml and messages.yml before updating!
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  5. AntiExploits - Update 0.0.3

    • Added permission "antiexploits.usage".
    • Added command "/antiexploits reload"

    You need to delete your config.yml and messages.yml if you're updating from a old version!
  6. AntiExploits - Update 0.0.2

    • The plugin has been recoded for better Performance.
    • Plugin stability increased.
    • Added messages.yml and modified default config.yml

    You need to delete your config.yml if you're updating from a old version!