[2LS] CleanMotD - The ligthest MotD plugin 0.2.1

Simple and light plugin to manage the motd of your server.

  1. CleanMotD - Update 0.2.1

    + Fixed a small error caused by cache system.
    ? I tried adding a %player% variable to the motd but it doesnt seem to work. (Returns null)

    No configuration changes!
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  2. CleanMotD - Update 0.2.0

    + Added a cache system to reduce Bandwidth usage. (BungeeCord) (Prevents bot attacks crashes)
    + The plugin is now compatible with Spigot. (So i've changed the name of the plugin)

    You need to update your configuration otherwise the plugin wont work properly!
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  3. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.1.1

    + Little performance improvements. (Removed unnecesary modifications)

    No configuration changes!
  4. [2LS] BungeeMOTD - Update 0.1.0

    + Little performance improvements.

    No configuration changes!
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  5. [2LS] BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.9

    + Big performance improvements on big networks.
    + Better compatibility with AntiBot plugins.
    + Cleaned up some parts of the code.

    No configuration changes!
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  6. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.7

    UPDATE 0.0.7

    Option to enable or disable the motd added.
    + Option to change maxplayers value.
    + JustOneMore option added.
    + FakePlayers options added.

    You have to delete your config.yml before updating!
  7. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.6

    • Plugin stability has been increased.
    • Better compatibility with DeltaAntiBot.
    • Fixed a small bug with the messages.

    You need to delete your config.yml and messages.yml if you're updating from a old version!
  8. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.5

    Special thanks to Ggamer55 for his high contribution to this update.

    • The plugin has been recoded almost completely.
    • High performance increase.
    • Added compatibility with DeltaAntiBot.

    You need to delete your config.yml if you're updating from a old version!
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  9. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.4

    • Fixed reloading not working.
    • Optimized some parts of the code.
    • Made default config more "friendly".
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  10. BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.3

    Reset your config if you're updating from older versions.

    • Recode at some parts of the plugin •
    • Cleaned some unused parts of the code •
    • Much better Performance •
    • Weight of the plugin dramatically decreased •

    Thanks to Ggamer55 for contributing to this update.