[2LS] ExploitFixer - Professional Server AntiExploit 1.3.8

Secure your server from exploits with this professional AntiExploit system for FREE.

  1. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.8

    Remember to update HamsterAPI before updating!

    Fixed servers on 1.16.1 showing an exception preventing the plugin to work.
    + Added %discord% variable to messages.yml.

    You can optionally reset your messages.yml file to apply new changes.
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  2. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.7

    Remember to keep HamsterAPI always updated!

    Completely fixed an issue regarding skulls/heads in creative.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.5!
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  3. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.6

    Please update HamsterAPI to 0.0.8 or superior before downloading!

    Updated to latest HamsterAPI (0.0.8)
    + Improved performance of the plugin.
    + Simplified redundant code.
    + Fixed skulls getting nulled on creative.
    + Fixed a new exploit causing errors on ExploitFixer.

    No configuration changes...
  4. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.5

    IMPORTANT: Update HamsterAPI to 0.0.7 or newer before using this version!

    HamsterAPI: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/78831/

    Added a blacklist of creative materials. (Look at ItemsFix check configuration)
    + Fixed Instant-Crash exploits by using the new updated HamsterAPI.
    + Partially re-coded some...
  5. ExploitFixer - Downgrade 1.3.3

    Downgraded because 1.3.4 caused a bunch of issues with ViaVersion.
  6. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.4

    IMPORTANT: Update HamsterAPI to 0.0.6 or newer before using this version!

    HamsterAPI: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/78831/

    Updated to new HamsterAPI and greatly improved protection by detecting exploits before packets are decoded by the server.
    + Added a blacklist for materials that you don't want to be given in creative. (Look at...
  7. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.3

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  8. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.2

    Updated HamsterAPI dependency to 0.0.4 (Won't hit performance; Tested with 300 players online)

    Added more info to DEBUG mode so we can fix issues faster.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.0.

    Remember that...
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  9. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.1

    Updated HamsterAPI dependency: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/2ls-hamsterapi.78831/

    + Fixed some errors caused on 1.15.2 servers.
    + Made ItemsFix disable if disabled in config.
    + Some other small fixes related to API handling.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.0.

  10. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.0 - HamsterAPI Update