[2LS] ExploitFixer - Professional Server AntiExploit 1.4.7

Secure your server from exploits with this professional AntiExploit system for FREE.

  1. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.7

    Always remember to keep the config files updated to avoid errors!

    * Reduced redundancy of the code.
    * Fixed a possible new exploit.

    No configuartion changes since 1.4.6.
  2. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.6

    + Added TAG and BOOK options to Packets check.
    + Fixed a new Exploit related to books.
    * When HamsterAPI is not installed a new message will be shown.
    * Now modules are mostly shared between Bungee/Bukkit. (Redundancy reduction)
    * Performance improvements when handling UUID Spoof.
    * Made "Cleared cache" message...
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  3. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.5

    * Removed SpawnEgg fix because it caused issues with some versions.

    No configuration reset required since 1.3.8.
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  4. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.4

    * Fixed SpawnEggs not being fixed correctly.
    * Fixed Enchants not being fixed correctly.
    * Fixed Leather Armors not being fixed correctly.
    * Fixed Banners not being fixed correctly.
    * Reduced redundancy and improved performance.
    * Fixed some Placeholders not working properly.

    No configuration...
  5. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.3

    * Fixed some errors and corrected some parts of the code for a better performance.
    + Added new languages that will be generated by default when resetting the messages.yml file.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.8.
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  6. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.2

    Remember to keep HamsterAPI always updated!

    Fixed some unwanted errors that happened randomly.
    * Fixed Commands Check not kicking in some cases.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.8.
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  7. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.1

    You need to update HamsterAPI before downloading this update!

    Updated to latest HamsterAPI version. (Please update it on your server)
    * Fixed some small issues and improved performance.

    No configuration changes since...
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  8. ExploitFixer - Update 1.4.0

    * Fixed a unknown possible exploit.
    * Fixed commands module not kicking on BungeeCord.
    * Reduced file size.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.8.
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  9. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.9

    Remember to keep HamsterAPI always updated!

    Fixed commands check not kicking on detection.
    * Improved performance and reduced redundancy of the code.

    No configuration changes since 1.3.8!
  10. ExploitFixer - Update 1.3.8

    Remember to update HamsterAPI before updating!

    Fixed servers on 1.16.1 showing an exception preventing the plugin to work.
    + Added %discord% variable to messages.yml.

    You can optionally reset your messages.yml file to apply new changes.
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