3d Angle Attack (Sight Attack) ( Angle Head Yaw Pitch Attack Detection ) - Equals Hypixel Watch Dog 2021

detect the player sight look eye vision angle in player entity attack for verify kill aurea hacks

  1. imAverageNoob
    Version: 2020-10-20
    It is good to have this killaura plugin, however, it is NOT good as it can false flag even Vanilla Minecraft. One part is because it requires you to look at the player model to hit, not the hitbox where you can always hit, even with Vanilla. This slightly modifies the game mechanic, and should not be used until further release. Once the new version works flawlessly, I will re-review this plugin.
    1. BatemanBR
      Author's Response
      you have to analyze it more carefully, this plugin is 100% perfect in all versions. my other plugin that limits attack in milliseconds blocked some attacks on video.