[750 Downloads] ReportEx | Discord Webhook / GUI List / Optimized design / MySQL / 1.8 - 1.16.x Release-1.2.8

Looking for an easy and very easy to use report plugin?

  1. Release-1.2.8 - Add Features

    +Add The ability to teleport from a menu to a target location
    +Add Server Name >> <server> can be used in the config
    +Add bStats
  2. [MYSQL SUPPORT] Release-1.2.7

    Sorry for not updating in a while.
    In this update, mysql is now supported.
    This is the ability to save report history in a table.
    I am working on a plan to make this feature available for more things.
  3. [Release-1.2.6]


    First of all, thank you for the many downloads.

    Only fixes are included in this version.
  4. [Release-1.2.5 Hotfix]

    Fixed an error caused by a version problem.
  5. Release-1.2.5

    Changed the behavior when reporting a player.

    You can now select a reason when reporting.
    Items are stored in ItemStack, and I'm planning to make a small command that can create Items soon.

  6. Minor additions

    +Add Can rename the ReportListGUI
    +Fix A conflict bug in [AnnounceEx]

    I've been busy lately, so the pace of updates will be slow.
  7. AfterEmbed and Command unification

    + Add AfterEmbed >> Send a text message after the Embed has been sent.
    + Add Command unification >> Change all "Reportex" to "Report"

    Thank you for a lot of suggestion.
  8. Suggestion and Hotfix

    + Fix Reporting will only be a cooldown if it is successful.
    + Add Reload config command
    + Add Webhook Switch Embed or Text mode

    Thank you for a lot of suggestion.
    BungeeCord support please wait a bit.
  9. Release-1.2

    + Fix Errors that come up when deleting a report for offline players
    + Add Many customize messages
    + Add Confirmation screen when deleting the report
    [​IMG] Yes or No
  10. Request Pack [Release-1.1]

    + Add custom Discord Webhook
    + Add /report command cooldown
    + Add /report command Log file
    + Fix reason tab space

    Thanks for the many requests. We just released it, so please report any bugs!
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