[Abandoned] AutoAFK 1.0.1

This Plugin is a nice and simple Plugin to add the AFK feature

  1. IllgiLP
    - AFK display in tab
    - afk command
    - editable messages
    - permission to ignor kick


    - afk | Permission: afk.use.command.afk

    - afk.use.command.afk | to use the /afk command
    - afk.ignore.kick | to ignore the kick countdown


    Code (Text):
    #How many seconds a player must be AFK until he appears as AFK
    afktime: 300

    #how many seconds does it take to kick a player after he was displayed
    afkkick: 420
      AFKMessage: '&5* %player% is now afk.'
      AFKNoLongerMessage: '&5* %player% is no longer afk.'
      CancleKickMessage: '&cNice that you are back!'
      KickMessage: '&cYou have been kicked for idling more than &a%hours% hours&c, &a%minutes% minutes &cand &a%seconds% seconds&c!'
      KickWarningMessage: '&cYou will be kicked in &a%hours% hours&c, &a%minutes% minutes &cand &a%seconds% seconds&c!'
      TabAFKSuffix: '&eAFK'


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