[Abandoned] BackupSystem 1.5.1

With this plugin you can make backups for your worlds

  1. IllgiLP
    What is BackupSystem?
    BackupSystem is a simple Plugin to make Backups of your worlds. It supports 2 languages: German and English.
    This Plugin needs Multiverse-Core!


    - you can choose the worlds to backup
    - tabcomplete function
    - you can make a backup of all worlds with one command
    - you can load a backup of all worlds with one command
    - you can delete all backups with one command
    - two languages support: Deutsch = de and English = en
    - auto update feature
    - plugman support

    Commands and Permissions:
    Permissions | Commands
    1. bs.main | need to use the commands
    2. bs.createBackup | /bs createBackup [worldname|all]
    3. bs.loadBackup | /bs loadBackup [backupname|all]
    4. bs.delBackup | /bs delBackup [backupname|all]
    5. bs.setLocation | /bs setLocation

    6. bs.update | /bs update

    Code (Text):


      # if a new version is out it download the new version of this plugin automaticly
      auto: true

      # time in hours
      updates-search-interval: 6

      # Choose Stabel, Beta or Snapshot. it downloads only [your chois] Versions
      channel: Stable

    # de or en
    language: en

    #do not touch this
    setup-finished: false

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