[ABANDONED] Chest Commands GUI - Forked 3.5.6 - FINAL

An intuitive and powerful plugin to create graphical user interfaces. Now with more features

  1. No... No more update for this, Just README change

    • Removed the Legacy Support resource page, including its description to the README

    It was a while since the last update, and I'm now fully working in BetterGUI.
    There is no need to support both GUI plugins.
    So, this is the last update of CC.
    And I left it behind (no more support).
    For anyone who want my support, consider trying BetterGUI, which is better than this plugin.
    Or if you feel enough, the plugin is stable enough to use for a long time.
    The source code is still there.
    If you are a...
  3. The last update

    I have released my new GUI plugin "BetterGUI"
    You can check it out here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bettergui.75620/
    Also, with the release of that plugin, I officially stopped working with this plugin.
    But I'll come up with some rare bug-fixes for about a month.
    So choose yourself. Switch to BetterGUI if you want more things than Chest Commands, or Stay with this plugin if you think it's enough.

    • ...
  4. Last Update (likely)

    Again, I'm now working on BetterGUI, so there's no more time to maintain this old project. I'll leave it behind, just come up with some rare updates with bugfixes only.
    If you are interested in BetterGUI, join my discord server for the news about it, and you can get yourself a copy (just for testing, not ready for production).
    Github: https://github.com/BetterGUI-MC/BetterGUI

    • Fixed BlockStateMeta for some materials...
  5. Uhhh... Just fix something before Lunar New Year

    Hey, This is the last update of the old lunar year.
    Just around 4 hours left before Lunar New Year (in my timezone).
    Happy lunar new year, everyone.
    Also, I started working on my new GUI plugin called "BetterGUI" (Thanks everyone in my discord server for the vote)
    You can watch my work here
    By the way, enjoy the (lunar) new year.

    • Now the cooldown will store the UUID of the player...
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  6. YASSU :/ (Yet another super small update)

    • As @StealthOO7 's request, The plugin will not send the requirement message if it's empty
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  7. Something about this forked plugin

    So it has been a long time since I began working on this small project. It was a very fun time, as this became something you like and something well-known (and useful, of course).

    As I said on one of my Q&As, I started this project because I wanted to add things for which I (as a user) had been waiting to be implemented on the original one. It happened to get a lot of downloads, positive reviews and DMs that gave wonderful ideas. Thanks for all the supports you gave me...
  8. I forgot...

    • Fixed an error when taking points and tokens
  9. Oops... HOTFIX

    • Fixed an exception thrown when loading addons
  10. Small things... and Discord

    Finally, I've created a Discord server for plugin support and having fun. It's recommended to join the server to get frequent support from me and other members (If any). I also make some addons like the World/Region Requirements and Bungee support, which are uploaded to the server for testing.
    Discord: https://discord.gg/8mJJMqH
    • Allow to use List on Requirement Value
    • Removed...
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