[Abandoned] NexusWarps [MC 1.8] 1.8

This plugin is a simple and helpful Warping Plugin!

  1. IllgiLP
    - own or no message for each warp
    - permissions for each warp
    - two languages support (German and English)
    - Essentials compatible
    - gui for /warps
    - toggleing gui on/off
    - Warpsigns
    - use as API

    - /setwarp [warpname] [vert|nothing] [Message when user warping to it(If you set no message it will be send no message)]
    - /warps
    - /delwarp [warpname]
    - /warp [warpname]
    - /togglegui
    - /nw reload

    - nw.warp
    - nw.delwarp
    - nw.setwarp
    - nw.warps.[warpname]
    - nw.warplist
    - nw.warplist.gui
    - nw.togglegui
    - nw.removesign
    - nw.createsign
    Add gui permissions:

    - the player needs the permissions: nw.warplist and nw.warplist.gui

    Code (Text):
    # Config
    # the available languages are de for german and en for english
    # in the 3rd line there must be the warpname
    language: en
      '1': '[Warp]'
      '2': ''
      '4': ''
      '1': '&9[Warp]'
      '2': '&4*Click me*'
      '4': ''

    Code (Text):
    NexusWarps.getWarpLocation(String warpname, boolean vert)

    NexusWarps.getWarpMessage(String warpname)

    public void onWarp(PlayerWarpEvent event){
      String warpmessage = e.getWarpmessage();
      String warpname = e.getWarpname();
      Player player = e.getPlayer();
      Location loc = e.getLocation();
        player.sendMessage("§2You were now at" +
        warpname  +     "and the message is " + warpmessage)

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Recent Updates

  1. Now added a Event for developers!
  2. Added new features!
  3. Updating signs

Recent Reviews

  1. Jaykob
    Version: 1.8
    Permissions Ex, i have the '*' permission,... and OP cant use a Warop create command..

    2. Cant change the Prefix or colours of text..
    1. IllgiLP
      Author's Response
      First: I don't want to insult you in any way. But it isn't a error in my plugin. You have done some mistakes in you'r work. Pex: use '*' as permission.
      Check you'r op-level in server.properties. It shoult be 4 to use op as '*'

      Second: You can change all messages in the messages.yml conigs. Example: "&6[&2Your-Server&6]&cSorry but you don't have permission to do this!"

      for colorcodes use this for help: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes

      use an '&' instead of '§'
  2. JavaNewb
    Version: 1.8
    As yrthilian says, the "nw.warps" permissions are bugged, but the simple work-around that worked for me was giving players both nw.warps.warpname and mw.warps.warpname. This allowed me to use the plugin without giving all players full permissions. The GUI is good IMO, but can be disabled by players who dislike it. Overall this plugin has a lot of nice features, such as keeping the facing direction when setting the warp.
  3. yrthilian
    Version: 1.8
    This the only way i can post here >.<
    I see a bug in your code
    In the main class Warp:string line 353

    if ((p.hasPermission("nw.warps." + args[0])) ||

    the second perm is MW should this not be NW

    I have found i have to gibe players access to nw.* in order for them to be able to use the warp command as you know this is not ideal.

    I have tried all diffrent combinations for premissions and none of them work.

  4. TheDarkStar3
    Version: 1.4
    I like this plugin :D
  5. olimpiccraft
    Version: 1.3
    Try to put compatible with essentials and that you only have to put in the config to change the message
  6. Hyperbyte
    Version: 1.2
    I think it should be essentials compatible because even though it says it is, /setwarp is a command, maybe /nexuswarps setwarp [warpname] would be better. Just in case.
    1. IllgiLP
      Author's Response
      if you want i can make an other command like nsetwarp or nwsetwarp?