[Abandoned!!] Survival Portals 1.4

A portal system for vanilla survival that feels like something made for vanilla

  1. Optimized Teleporting & removal of console spam bug!

    Version 1.4
    ~ Entity Teleporting Optimized:
    Teleporting was a copy of players teleport code, but turns out entities don't case the same problems players do, so I made it much simpler.

    ~ Player Teleporting Optimized:
    Basically I did things...
  2. Forgot to add some checks & added Particles!

    Version 1.3
    ~ Entity Checks Fixed:
    Checking blocks based on entity hight now. Fixed bug where mobs pushed up by a pistons could teleport to end.

    ~ Fixed Portal Problems Again:
    Nether portals spawning finally fixed &...
  3. FIx Entity's bug & Nether portals bug

    Version 1.2-2
    ~ Entity's Teleporting To End Bug:
    Thought it was some major problem, but I looked at the code for a minute & it turned out to be me accidentally checking one to many blocks down.

  4. Fixed end & worked around Minecraft portal case bug!

    Version: 1.2
    ~ The End exit portal was broken:
    Fixed by finding location of end exit than if the player is within the portal allowing normal teleport.

    ~ The End was just broken in general:
    Fixed by setting portal destination...
  5. Fixed bugs related to location being offset & first portal being place not working

    Version: 1.1
    Locations of player where doubles being converted to ints which created a problems when in negative coordinates. Also, a for loop was less then when it needed to be less then or equal making the first portal placed not work.

    Quick first day bug fixes!