[ABANDONED] ThirstForWater 2.0.2

This plugin adds the thirst mechanic.

  1. Bugfix

    - Small fixes in the plugin code.
  2. Fixes

    - Small fixes in the plugin code.
    - Now I will follow Semantic Version Control.
  3. Worlds, Colors and Rework of the main algorithm

    - Added support for colors in the config.
    Code (Java):
    Nopermission: '&cYou have no permission to do this!'
      #Message if the player does not have permission to execute the command
    LowWaterMessage: '&cYou need to drink!'
      #Message if the water indicator is off and the player is running out of water.
    HighWaterMessage: '&aYou dont want to drink anymore.'
      #Message if the water indicator is off and the player has drunk enough water.
    WaterLore: '&aThe water in...
  4. Small update

    Finally I had time to code the update.

    - Thirstforwater.tfw.vip - With this permission, thirst is spent longer (x2 slower).
    - seems like I fixed the ability to turn off running when there is little thirst.
    - /tfw enable | disable - command for enable/disable plugin (

    In update 1.9 I will add a jar with filters.
  5. Permission

    - With this permission, the player's thirst is not reduced.
  6. Update

    - Added commands:
    /tfw help
    /tfw reload (Thirstforwater.tfw.reload)
    /tfw settings (Thirstforwater.tfw.settings)

    - Added GUI interface for config settings by command /tfw settings.
    - Now if you change the config and enter the /reload command on the server, then the config will not be reset.
  7. Bugfix

    Fixed sprint and double water addition when drinking from a water block.
  8. Little update

    - You can now control the rate at which water disappears in the Nether.
    - You can now disable the pure water recipe.
    - You can now change the amount of added water you drink.
    - Fixed the fact that when drinking from a block of water, you could get a maximum of 23 points.
  9. Update

    - Now not 7 points disappear, but one by one.
    - Reduced server load.
    - Now after the command "/reload" the plugin works fine.
    - Added the ability to disable thirst messages in the config if the indicator is disabled.
    - Added support for PlaceHolderAPI
    Code (YAML):
    When you are saturated with water, the indicator turns blue.
  10. bugfix

    - Fixed drinking water recovery.