ABBA Caving Plus 1.2

Easy creation and playing for the ABBA Caving Mini-Game!

  1. jpruitt2525
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17

    Winner Takes All!

    in this mini-game inspired by the band ABBA and first introduced by VintageBeef.

    • Inventories are saved during events
    • Creation of private events (with password)!
    • Teleportation to event when it starts
    • Granted items to use for event
    • All blocks worth points are automatically sent to the player's chest
    • All items worth points can be dropped to be sent to the player's chest
    • Points automatically calculated and saved
    • In case of death, items will be restored exactly as they were
    • Personal high-scores and a top 10 leader-board
    • Quick info and tips for plugin in game
    • Permissions for commands
    • Kick players from event
    • Updated for 1.17!
    • 1.16 can be found on Discord!
    • Lost gear can now be recovered!
    Quick Start Guide

    Commands & Permissions
    • /abba bug
    • /abba chest [register/unregister]
    • /abba create [event] <password> - abba.create
    • /abba delete [event] - abba.delete
    • /abba end [event] - abba.end
    • /abba final -
    • /abba help
    • /abba highscore
    • /abba info
    • /abba kick [player]
    • /abba leaderboard
    • /abba list
    • /abba points
    • /abba register [event]
    • /abba restore
    • /abba set [event] [location/time] - abba.set
    • /abba start [event] - abba.start
    • /abba teleport - abba.teleport
    • /abba tips
    • /abba unregister
    • /abba values
    Contact Info
    This is my first fully developed plugin. Any feedback or bug reports would be highly appreciated!
    I do plan to add some more ideas onto this plugin.
    Suggestions are welcome!


    You can find me in my dedicated ABBA Caving Plus discord and maybe find some other players looking to go ABBA Caving!
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Recent Reviews

  1. lvanko
    Version: 1.1
    It's a great plugin! There are peaople playing this game at theri own, but having clear rules and conditions - its rgeat!