Abilities [1.16] Version 7.0

Have u ever wanted to feel like a supehero, with awesome superpowers?

  1. Version Updated to 1.16

    The plugin version has been updated to 1.16.1, and Essentials is now a dependency.
  2. Abilities GUI

    New Ability:
    - /miner - multiply the number of blocks that drop when you mine with a pickaxe
    New Features:
    - /abilities - now open up a GUI to allow a player to purchase and toggle abilities!
    - /abilities list - will now list all the commands for the plugin
    - GUI is fully customisable through the config
    - added plugin metrics
    - New permission system
    - New listener to disable abilities if a player does not have the correct permission
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  3. Bug Fix + New Abilities

    Bug Fixes:
    - /depthstrider
    - water damage message
    - experience multiplier message

    New Abilities:
    - /superjump - allows players to have double jump
    - /immune - disables mobs targeting you

    New features:
    - can now change plugin prefix in config
    - new settings added to config

    Please delete config, then add jar and restart the server!
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  4. New Abilities + Features!

    New Abilities:
    - /depthstrider - increased swimming speed
    - /doubleexp - toggles Exp collection multiplier
    - /juggernaut = Explosion damage toggle

    New Features:
    - Increased customisation of config!
    - Allows you to set custom commands for each ability!
    - New permission nodes
    - New file creation
    - Better exception checks

    Please delete existing; jar, config and player data files before adding the newly updated jar!
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  5. Minecraft 1.15 Update!

    1.15 support added
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