ABlockz World Protection 1.0

ABlockz World Protection, Protect automatically.

  1. RyanH
    ABlockz World Protection

    ABlockz is a more enhanced way to handle server griefers, all done automatically without any commands.

    Contributors: _Ultima_
    Based of the Protection in "Lava Survival".
    Archived Site:


    How It Works
    Players that join the game are automatically given level 1, when they place a block the block is logged and if anyone player comes along with a level lower than that player, they may not break the players blocks.

    Every 65 Blocks placed will 'cause the player to levelup.

    - UUID Support
    - Block Grief Prevention
    - Disables Entity Explosions
    - Disables Fire spread
    - Prevents Griefing
    - Encourages players to build to Level Up/Build.
    - Recommended to be used with WorldGuard/CoreProtect/Logblock

    Nothing here! Leave the configuration alone, we store data about the plugin and, block data in there!

    In the code, there will be a prefix option (onPlayerJoinEvent) with the tags */ */ to stop the code form executing. You may decompile and take those tags away for prefixes.

    This plugin will not log blocks placed before the plugin is installed. Be advised.

Recent Updates

  1. CoreProtect/Logblock/Worldguard Support

Recent Reviews

  1. Marcovit
    Version: 1.0
    aBlockz nor _Ultima_ never released a plugin!

    I recommend not using this on production servers.