AC - Negativity [Spigot 1.7-1.18, Sponge, BungeeCord & Velocity] 1.11.2

It's an anti cheat !

  1. Elikill58
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    RedNesto, herobrine99dan and Wall_
    Languages Supported:
    French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Polish, Czech, Arabic Egyptian, Albanian and Hungarian


    Please, use latest version !
    Problem ? Come on discord : Join now
    Recall: by default, with UP to 200ms of ping, detection are disabled

    You need PacketGate on Sponge only

    List with explication about the cheat :

    - AirJump
    - AirPlace
    - AntiPotion
    - AutoClick
    - AutoSteal
    - Blink
    - Chat (Insult & Spam)
    - Critical
    - FastBow
    - FastEat
    - FastLadder
    - FastPlace
    - FastStairs
    - Fly
    - ForceField | KillAura
    - InventoryMove
    - Jesus
    - NoFall
    - NoPitchLimit
    - NoSlowDown
    - NoWeb
    - Nuker
    - Phase
    - Regen
    - Scaffold
    - Sneak
    - Speed
    - Spider
    - Step
    - XRay

    - If you want to check a player :
    /negativity verif <player> [verif time] [(optional) cheats, by default it's all cheats]

    - If you want to get some information about a player:
    /negativity <player>

    - If you want to Show/Hide alert:
    /negativity alert

    - If you want to report someone:
    /nreport <player> <reason>

    - If you want to do some mod thing (be invisible...):

    - To ban people:
    /nban <player> <def(true/false) | time (ex: 2h5m)> <reason>
    - To unban people:
    /nunban <player>


    You want to use permissions ?
    Check the wiki

    I have a testing server: (actually offline) hosted by :



    Video about Negativity

    How to use (in english & Vietnamese) :

    Thanks FurryTheCat for this video (With Negativity 1.7)

    How to use (in spanish) :

    Thanks Ajneb97 for this video (with Negativity 1.9.8)

    Showcase (With multiples clients) :

    Thanks Barni for this video (with Negativity 1.9.8-fix)


    New WR any% on 9.80s ! (With Negativity 1.9.7)

    Screenshoot about Negativity

    Thanks for McLovin#4623 (the server admin in the screen) (With negativity 1.8.1)​

    Click here to see default config

    Everything is editable !
    Click here to see all config informations.

    There is a wiki AND the code on github (link on the top of the page).
    (PM if you need more)

    I'm working on it everyday (When i have the time to) !
    You have a suggestion ? A bug ? A question ? You can contact me via :
    • Private messages on this web site
    • The negativity twitter (account) : @elinegativity
    • My discord server : Join now
    • Mail: [email protected]
    • Discord: @Elikill58#0743
    • Privacy Policy (In writing, link maybe not work) : English | Français
    Donations : (Thanks you <3)

    Download wall:

    100 : Thanks you ;)
    500 : :confused: Merci
    600 : :cool::cool: Gracias
    700 : :eek: Danke
    800 : Arigato :D
    900 : tack :)
    1000 : grazie :eek:
    1500 : Obrigado
    2000 : þakka þér
    2500 : cảm ơn bạn
    3000 : terima kasih
    3500 : Շնորհակալություն​
    4000: děkuji
    4500 : rahmat
    5000 : sağol
    5500 : σας ευχαριστώ
    6000 : 谢谢 :D
    6500 : спасибо :')
    7000 : شكرا
    7500 : kiitos
    8000 : takk
    8500 : mulțumesc
    9000 : təşəkkür edirəm
    9500 : eskerrik asko
    10000 : 고맙습니다
    20000 : siyabonga
    30000 : sağol
    40000 : tapadh leibh
    Too many download :eek:

    Special thanks to:
    - RedNesto for the help with English translation and development
    - jheyson for the help with Portuguese translation
    - SuchHero for the help with Norwegian translation
    - VidTu for the help with Russian translation
    - f0rb1d, SGYRE & 沐白Dust for the help with Chinese translation​
    - CodingAir, Niekold & Prixix for the help with German translation
    - DeveloperBoy for the help with Dutch translation
    - YungSloop for the help with Swedish translation
    - SolitaSolaa for the help with Spanish translation
    - FurryTheCat#8543 for the help with Vietnamese translation
    - Herobrine99dan#1564 for the help with Italian translation and some checks
    - Disordeon#1824 for the help with Czech Republic translation
    - ErzenX#2439 for the help with Albanian translation
    - Tytano#5336 for the help with Polish translation
    - Edward205 for the help with Romanian translation
    - Andro Sameh#6837 for the help with Egyptian Arabic translation
    - you for your translation too ? (Contact me)​


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Recent Reviews

  1. MeitneriumFur
    Version: 1.11.2
    This plugin overloads the server when there are many players playing on it. Paper 1.17.1
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Hi, I'm sorry for this issue. Can you do a timings then give it to me in private or in my discord server ?
  2. Fishbook
    Version: 1.11.2
    This anti cheating is low. Killara can't detect scaffold without turning around. I don't know whether this anti cheating is passive (similar to watchdog) or active
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Hi, I'm sorry to see that you get issues. I have few things to say:
      1) "Killaura can't detect scaffold" and why it's wrong ? It's not the same cheat
      2) The anticheat is, by default, passive. It will just check player but not change their behavior. But you can enable setback feature in config
      3) Can you say your client ? You can come on my discord here:
  3. Shadowpauler
    Version: 1.11.2
    I've used this anti-cheat for a while, and I'm going to tell you straight. This anti-cheat is great being free. Most reviews I feel like are those who misconfigured the anti-cheat, or are straight lying to you so you don't use it to protect your server.

    I'd give this anti-cheat a 9/10 stars. Please test the anti-cheats default configuration at least before you make any assumptions based on the reviews. Thank you.
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks you for the review ! I'm very happy to see and recommand this plugin ! I agree that people should test with default config because for me, the def config seems to be not so bad
  4. 657821
    Version: 1.11.1
    I don't know if this "anti-cheat" is a meme or not tbh very simple ways to bypass almost all of the movement checks and the "forcefield" aka reach check falses so much I don't even have to try and false it I can just pvp normally and it will say I reached from like "3.6" or some huge bs and when I was testing this on my server sometimes the anti-cheat would literally just randomly disable itself on u for no apparent reason and u wouldn't flag any of the checks no matter what I tried relogging I didn't have op nor any perms and I would have to restart the server so that this random bug that happens for no reason would be fixed and during testing that bug kept coming up and the checks are very spaghetti anyways I wouldn't recommend it personally.
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. No, this AC is not a meme or something like that.
      1) If you have an issue, you can come on discord (all link in main page)
      2)Sometimes, with high ping you can't be detected. Do "/n debug" to check it
      3) In your post, you can stop sentences to make your posts easier to read, and specially write one issue per sentence, that could be helpful IMO
      4) For the forcefield false flag, thanks for report. I didn't know this, and I will check. But, only this informations I can't really know how it appear. So, You can add me on discord: @Elikill58#0743.
  5. dee_kid
    Version: 1.11
    its actually very good with almost no problem. the only problem i have is vehicle plugin that teleport people back then other than that very good plugin for free
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Hi, Sorry for the little issue. Can you come on discord to explain this possible issue ? I will try to fix it :)
  6. KerchooK
    Version: 1.11
    Amazing plugin. I've used it for years and I have no complaints. The author takes feedback seriously and fixes any problems upon request.
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      I'm really happy to see that you are loyal and you like my plugin ! And yes, feedback are very important for me ! :)
  7. demon123youtuber
    Version: 1.11
    it is only working on onfall all other hacks are working and i am getting many false alerts anyway great work i hope this review was helpful
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review
      More than a review, if you have false flag, the most helpful things is ti report issue on discord or github. Here, you just say "there is issue". You don't talk about which cheat, when etc ....
      So, I suggest you to come on discord: and we will talk about it :)
  8. Jeanlx
    Version: 1.10
    I like the design in the text formats of the plugin, but I have used it in paper 1.8.8 and with the huzuni client, it does not detect almost any hack, the one I only detected was the fly and that because I was flying for a long time and I only took one Alert, the rest of the hacks did not detect them, I know that it is a free add-on but it disappoints a lot ..
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the issue you are facing. I think you had a bypass like high ping or be in creative. Others players (or just me) don't have this issue :/
      I understand that it disappoints you if you don't have any alerts...
  9. Halfons47
    Version: 1.10
    Great anti-cheat plugin! With the right configuration it works perfectly. I would recommend following Ajneb97's guide for the config if you speak Spanish.

    Support is also great! Very quick and helpful.
    1. Elikill58
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for review !
      I'm very happy to see that you like my plugin !
      Yes, Ajneb's guide is pretty good x) I recommend it :)
  10. Orangegamerboi
    Version: 1.10
    I got flagged for nofall for JUMPING like what??? can you please fix it and another ting is when ia bedrock player joins they get flagged for speed hacking