Achievement Rewards 1.0

Execute commands, send messages or do other things when a player gets an achievement.

  1. Serializator
    Achievement Rewards
    This plugin is meant for people who want to be able to do additional things when a player gets an achievement.

    At the moment it is only possible to execute commands, send messages and apply potions to the player who gets the achievement.

    Configuration Example
    The configuration is pretty straight forward and shouldn't be to confusing. If it is, you can leave a comment with the question you have.

    Code (Text):
      - give {p} dirt
      - '&aThis is a green test message {p}.'
      - '&cThis is a red test message without player mention.'
      - '&eThis is a yellow test message with the player and achievement name, {achievement} is a nice achievement don''t you think {p}?.'
            Duration: 24
            Amplifier: 1
            Ambient: true
            Particles: true
    You're free to suggest something and maybe some of them or even all of them will be in the next version.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cracksn0w
    Version: 1.0
    Good job. This plugin is lightweight and easy to use. :D In my oppinnion the plugin should not get more features to stay lightweight.