Achievements Plus 1.0

turn simple minecraft statistics into achievements

  1. micrlink
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Turn simple minecraft statistics into achievements.


    With this - can make achievements out of statistics. Using the config you can specify what statistic to measure, what the required amount is, the reward. You can even customize chat messages and actionbar messages when players receive achievements. There are sounds to, all achievements can have a default sound, no sound, or custom sound. The default sound has full customization. There are also permissions and commands.

    /achievements - lists the achievements the player has permission for
    /achievements <achievement> - If the player has permission for the achievement they can view details and whether or not they've unlocked it.

    achievementsplus.* - Permission to all. (Recommended op)
    achievementsplus.achievement.* - Gives permission to all achievements
    achievementsplus.viewachievements - Allows player to use /achievements command
    achievementsplus.achievement.<achievementname> - Gives access to unlock specific achievement

    Files Included
    config.yml - This file contains general settings and all your achievements
    strings.yml - This file lets you customize messages sent to players.
    /users/<uuid>.yml - Players progress will be stored here

    External Resources
    Statistics - All full list of available statistics
    Sounds - A full list of available sounds

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