aCore Free | ✧Core✧ ✧Ranks✧ ✧Punishments✧| [1.17, 1.16, 1.8] 0.7.0 Free

Ranks/Punishments/Essentials plugin. Inspired by pvp servers.

  1. David1787
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.16
    • 1.17


    This is the Free version of aCore do not expect feature updates other than bug fixes, if you want more features and updates check out aCore Premium.
    Chat Commands:
    • /chat mute
    • /chat unmute
    • /chat clear
    • /chat slow <seconds>
    • Bypass muted:
    • Bypass delay:


    Gamemode commands:
    • /gms <optional player> or /gm0 <optional player>
    • /gmc <optional player> or /gm1 <optional player>
    • /gma <optional player> or /gm2 <optional player>
    • /gmsp <optional player> or /gm3 <optional player>

    Player Commands:
    • /heal <optional player>
    • /feed <optional player>
    • /msg <player> <message> (aliases: pm)
    • /reply <message> (aliases: r)

    Spawn Commands:
    • /setspawn
    • /spawn <optional player>
    Teleport Commands:
    • /teleport <player> (aliases: tp, tpo)
    • /tphere <player> (aliases: teleporthere)
    • /tpall (aliases: alltp)
    Staff Commands:
    • /invsee <player> (aliases: openinv)
    • /clearinventory <optional player> (aliases: ci)
    • /staffchat <msg> (aliases: s, sc)
    • /adminchat <msg> (aliases: a, ac)
    • /report <msg> (aliases: helpop, rep, hop)
    • /lag
    • /i <amount> <item> (aliases: give)
    • /enchant <enchantment> <level> (aliases: e, em)

    aCore Commands:
    • /core
    • /core reload

    PlaceholderAPI support:
    • Join Message
    • Quit Message
    • Chat
    • Staff Chat
    • Admin Chat


    (Command (permissions))
    /core (acore.core)
    /rank (acore.rank)
    /setrank (acore.setrank)
    /chat (
    Bypass chat muted:
    Bypass chat delay:
    /gms (acore.gms)
    /gmc (acore.gmc)
    /gmsp (acore.gmsp)
    /heal (acore.heal)
    /feed (acore.feed)
    /teleport (acore.teleport)
    /tphere (acore.tphere)
    /setspawn (acore.setspawn)
    /spawn (optional player) (acore.spawn to teleport yourself to spawn, to do /spawn <player> you need acore.spawn.others)
    /clearinventory (acore.clearinventory)
    /invsee (acore.invsee)
    /staffchat (staffchat.use)
    /adminchat (adminchat.use)
    /msg (acore.msg)
    /reply (acore.msg)
    /tpall (acore.tpall)
    /ban (acore.ban)
    /tempban (acore.tempban)
    /unban (acore.unban)
    /mute (acore.mute)
    /tempmute (acore.tempmute)
    /unmute (acore.unmute)
    acore.alerts (view punishment messages)
    /i (acore.give)
    /enchant (acore.enchant)
    /report (reports.use, reports.view)

    Default Config
    Code (Text):
    prefix: "&7\u21e8 "
    noprems: '&cNo permission.'
    main_color: '&e'
    joinmsg: '&7[&a+&7] <player>'
    quitmsg: '&7[&c-&7] <player>'
    chatformat: '<displayname>&7: &f<message>'
    staffchat: '&3[S] <displayname>&7: &b<message>'
    adminchat: '&c[A] <displayname>&7: &b<message>'
    msgto: '&e(To <other_player>&e)<message>'
    msgfrom: '&e(From <other_player>&e)<message>'
    spawn_teleported: '&eTeleported to spawn.'
    spawn_notset: '&ePlease set the spawn using /setspawn.'
    permanently_muted: '&cYou are permanently muted for&7<reason>'
    temporarily_muted: '&cYou are temporarily muted for <time> <unit> due to&7<reason>'

    Default permissions.yml
    Code (Text):

        prefix: '&7[&fDefault&7]'
        color: '&7'
        - acore.msg
        prefix: '&7[&9Developer&7]'
        color: '&9'
        - acore.msg
        prefix: '&7[&4Owner&7]'
        color: '&4'
        - acore.msg

    If you find any bugs or want support or want me to add features to the plugin join the discord:
    (#bug-reports, #suggestions, #ticket)

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Recent Reviews

  1. SebasG_
    Version: 0.7.0 Free
    It is a very good core, only that it lacks variables with PlaceholderAPI and that they added a few new touches.