Acorn Anti-Cheat BETA-1.2

A new 1.15 Anti-Cheat.

  1. sysollie
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    • 1.15
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    Acorn is a new Anti-Cheat for Spigot 1.15. Acorn is free to use and can quickly detect hackers.

    Why do I need an Anti-Cheat?
    Spigot and Bukkit are inherently trusting of clients and the data sent by players. This does have its benifits but can be an issue. Because of this, you should use an Anti-Cheat. An Anti-Cheat will monitor what players do and can cancel invalid or malicious actions such as flying.

    • Really, really quick fly detection
    • Automatic punishments (cancel action, teleport back to name a couple)
    • Extensive amounts of config options
    • Custom alert messages
    • Just works

    Blocked hacks
    Acorn probably does detect more hacks than the ones below!

    • Autoclickers
    • Some kinds of KillAura
    • Anti-Knockback
    • Reach
    • FastBow - Being worked on
    • Fly
    • Glide
    • BoatFly
    • JetPack
    • Jesus
    • Speed
    • Spider
    • Phase (once the player has left the block)
    • InteractReach
    • Nuker
    • FastPlace

    What is Acorn best at?
    In my opinion, Acorn is really good at detecting illegal flying and reach.

    /acorn - View some basic information about Acorn.
    /acorn-reload - Reload the configuration file.
    /acorn-checks - View the current checks that are enabled/disabled.

    I've currently only made one but I'll probably be making more soon!


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