AcoWorth 1.6.1

Keeps track of player shop sales and approximates the worth of items

  1. LittleBigBug_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    AcoWorth is a simple but useful stats plugin for economy spigot-based servers that hook into Player Shops and tracks individual item sales. A player can later check the worth of the item and it will get an approximate average sale price for that item.

    This plugin is great for economy servers to easily allow players to compete in the economy.

    Github Link
    MIT License

    In this plugin's current state, it's still early in development. It may have bugs, so please help me out and submit an issue in github with as much information as you can so I can fix it if you run into anything.


    It allows servers with an economy to allow players to compete with each other and have a stable item market.

    Supported Player Shops

    If you would like to request a different plugin to be supported please make an issue in the github issue tracker and I'll get to it when I can.

    Current supported player shops or other item selling plugins:

    Because of a github issue request, AcoWorth also has partial support for QuantumShop for the admin GUI Shop in a seperate branch. The AcoWorth build for that is located here.

    1.14.4 Version (Unsupported)

    I added basic 1.14 support by building the project along with 1.15 dependency plugin api, which seem to work fine, against spigotapi 1.14.
    I don't promise any support for all plugins in this build or any builds in older minecraft versions. You can download AcoWorth 1.4.0 with 1.14 compatibility here. (This is an old version of acoworth, this will not work with quickshop versions above 3.2, I will no longer provide support for 1.14) The old version also doesn't support plugins that were added in acoworth 1.5.0 and above.


    • /worth - Checks the worth of the item in your hand.
    • /worth [amount] [item] - Checks the worth of the item
    • /acoworth [reload] - At the moment, only reloads the config & database connection. (Alias: /aw)

    In this example I'm running a 1.15.2 PaperMC server #128 with EssentialsX, Vault, Chestshop-3, and AcoWorth 1.2.1.
    If you want to know my texture pack is Faithful and using optifine

    These admin shops were used with the default configuration of all plugins with various data to "simulate" data that you might have in a server with multiple competing shops. AcoWorth will calculate per-item price automatically if shops sell more than one at a time.

    Here is how many times I bought each:

    $40 - did not use
    $80 - 20
    $85 - 19
    $90 - 4
    $150 - 7

    using /worth while holding one diamond or writing /worth diamond or /worth 1 diamond:


    using /worth 5 while holding any diamonds or writing /worth 5 diamond:



    acoworth.check - allows for /worth
    acoworth.admin - allows for /acoworth


    Code (Text):

    # AcoWorth v1.6.0 Config
    # Developed By LittleBigBug

    # How many rows do we store of data per item?
    # Don't set this too high or it might take a while for
    # /worth to calculate if sales accumulate that high
    maxPerItem: 50

    # Wether to only account to worth if items are being sold to the sign/shop or bought from the sign/shop
    # Default is Buy, usually signs that allow selling are way lower prices.
    # Can be BUY, SELL, or BOTH
    trackSaleTypes: BUY

    # This affects how much the standard deviation being applied to sale averages is scaled.
    # For each sale record, it checks to see if the number is within the average of all sales
    # minus and plus the standard deviation.
    # This setting will multiply the standard deviation and will match more records but may have a less precise
    # Worth result but will show more data from outliers
    standardDeviationMuiltiplier: 1.0

    # Enable AuctionHouse support (if it exists)
    # OR CrazyAuctions support
    # Auctions ARE NOT affected by trackSaleTypes
    enableAuction: true

    # Enable logging winning bids from CrazyAuction (if it exists)
    enableCrazyAuctionBids: true

    # Quantumshop admin shop
    # Enable this to track admin shop sales in Quantum GUI Shop (Requested)
    quantumShopAdminShop: false

    # How data in AcoWorth is gonna be stored
      useMySQL: false # If you don't use MySQL, SQLite will be default (local)
      tablePrefix: "" # If you need to use a table prefix or prefer there one be used put one here
        address: "" # Address:Port
        username: "root"
        password: "omegaSecurePassword1337"
        database: "my_database"
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Recent Reviews

  1. Stixil
    Version: 1.4.0
    Have been using it for a short while and it's been very good! Helpful for players to price items in shops!
    1. LittleBigBug_
      Author's Response
      Awesome!! I'm glad you find it useful!
  2. AlexW
    Version: 1.2.1
    Nice Plugin, but it is not working on 1.14.4, but i need it, i hope you can add support for 1.14.4. Its a good Plugin, i tested it on 1.15. All is working fine, Thanks
    1. LittleBigBug_
      Author's Response