Action Bar Health 3.4.2

ActionHealth is a health plugin that utilizes the action bar to display player and mob health.

  1. ZeeZee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    ActionHealth is a health display plugin that utilizes the action bar to display player and mob health. ActionHealth can be completely customized.


    Command: /Actionhealth reload
    Permission: ActionHealth.Reload
    Info: Reloads config.

    Command: /Actionhealth toggle
    Info: Toggles the display of action health

    Permission: ActionHealth.Health
    Info: This will send the player the health message only if 'Use Permission' is enabled in the config.


    • Java 8 or greater
    • For region disable:
      • WorldEdit
      • WorldGuard
      • ActionHealth is compatible with both 6 and 7
    • Placeholders support:
      • PlaceholderAPI
      • MVdWPlaceholderAPI
    • Supports MythicMobs (using internal name) for blacklisting
    • LanguageUtils for client translations


    Click here for default config.






    Custom styles

    Code (Text):
    Health Message: '&6&l{name}: {usestyle}'
    Full Health Icon: "&4\u2764"
    Half Health Icon: "&c\u2764"
    Empty Health Icon: "&7\u2764"

    Code (Text):
    Health Message: '&6&l{name}: {usestyle}'
    Full Health Icon: "&a&l\u2588"
    Half Health Icon: "&a\u258c"
    Empty Health Icon: ""

    Code (Text):
    Health Message: '{name} - &c[{usestyle}&c]'
    Full Health Icon: "&c\u007C"
    Half Health Icon: "&c\u007C"
    Empty Health Icon: "&4\u007C"

    Code (Text):
    Health Message: '&6&l{name}: &a&l{health} / {maxhealth}'


    LanguageUtils is supported to get the localized name of an entity but if you prefer using your own custom translations, you can use the built in system.

    Within ActionHealth you can translate mob names by using the "Name Change" option in the config. I'd appreciate if servers that use custom translations share them with me, so I can share them with others! For users that do, I will tag them on Spigot and display their server IP.

    Currently shared translations:
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Recent Updates

  1. 1.15 Support
  2. Fixed async and action system error
  3. Action system

Recent Reviews

  1. Flashlime
    Version: 3.4.2
    Excellent, but is there anyway to put the health bar above the name?
    If not, thank you anyways
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      No sorry. Only works with action bar. Thanks!
  2. eldrimo
    Version: 3.4.1
    Great plugin!

    Yesterday i updated my server to 1.15 and started getting warnings on the server log whenever it activated. Show on look didn't work, only after i hit the mob i could see the health bar.

    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.PacketPlayOutChat.$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at java.lang.Class.getConstructor(
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at com.zeshanaslam.actionhealth.utils.HealthUtil.sendActionBar(HealthUtil.$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at com.zeshanaslam.actionhealth.utils.HealthUtil.sendHealth(HealthUtil.jav$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.ja$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccesso$
    [00:36:38] [Server thread/WARN]: at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

    just letting you know!
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      Update will be out tmrw!
  3. ItsJacob
    Version: 3.4.1
    The plugin is good, but I noticed one flaw! In 1.14. (I don't know for other verions) the meter isn't affected when mobs lose damage from other stuff. For example I spawned a tropical fish on the ground, punched her once to see the bar and from more than a half hp she died and the hearts didnt even decrease. Fix it please.
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      Not a bug. Use discussion if you want changes or features.
  4. Gryent
    Version: 3.4.1

    A good plugin of view the Mob And Players health

    Works prefectly in 1.14.4
    1. ZeeZee
  5. Codian
    Version: 3.4.1
    Awesome plugin, works on 1.14.4 with both Spigot and Paper.
    Lots of room for customization, and easy to use.

    I would highly recommend installing it, great work, dev!
    1. ZeeZee
  6. Appa117
    Version: 3.4.0
    Excellent plugin! It feels very enjoyable to use this plugin.

    You can customize a lot! I would always recommend this plugin.

    Keep going with your work!

    1. ZeeZee
  7. Rattus_Apparatus
    Version: 3.3.6
    Love it again, but was curious how I could use placeholders within the ActionBar itself? I am trying to add a damage indicator at the end of the HP shown to show how much damage is dealt on each hit. If this is possible I'd love this plugin even more!
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      Thanks again! ActionHealth currently has the following placeholders built in: {name}, {health}, {maxhealth}, {usestyle}, {displayname}. You can use placeholder plugins which ActionHealth supports (PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI). With those you'll be able to use a large list of placeholders.
  8. Rattus_Apparatus
    Version: 3.3.5
    So far I am loving the plugin. It allows the players on my server to see how much damage they are dealing to a mob, instead of simply guessing how well they are doing. Thought I had an issue with it showing at one point, but turns out it was simply another plugin and this one was working perfect as usual!
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  9. Fahril
    Version: 3.3.4
    great! can u add if player eat gapple the health will be gold ?
    1. ZeeZee
      Author's Response
      I'll look into it.
  10. xenkt
    Version: 3.3.4
    Плагин прекрасно работает на 1.14.4. Была проблема, что не работали права, за несколько часов разработчик исправил это.

    The plugin works fine on 1.14.4. There was a problem that the rights did not work, in a few hours the developer fixed it.
    1. ZeeZee