Action Bar Health 3.5.5

ActionHealth is a health plugin that utilizes the action bar to display player and mob health.

  1. Specified the API version

    • Removed the usage of legacy materials to specify the API version (#38) thanks @syldium
  2. Added v1_17_R1 support

    • Added v1_17_R1 support
    • Added bStats
  3. Bug fixes

    Added alterative placeholders in case being overridden. (#29)
    Added null check before getting effect type name. (#35)
  4. 1.16.4 compatibility

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  5. 1.16.2 support

    1.16.2 support. Thanks to @Kikisito for the pull request (#18).
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  6. WolrdGuard, placeholders and limit health update

    Placeholders now can retrieve both the receiver and attacked player. Below is an example of:
    • If I attack a player show the health message + the attacked players exp level.
    • If I attack a non-player it just shows the health message. + my (the receiver) exp level.
    Code (Text):
    # The message the player is sent.
    # {name} shows the name of the mob or player.
    # {health} shows current health of the mob or player.
    # {maxhealth} shows the max health of the mob or...
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  7. 1.16.1 support

    • Added 1.16.1 support. Thanks to Kikisito.
    • Added '{percenthealth}' which displays the percentage of health left.
  8. New action event 'damage' and action system improvements

    New action event 'damage':
    A new action event 'damage' has been added. This action event allows you to trigger action bar health message if a tagged entity gets damaged.

    The 'damage' event supports the type 'any' or many as you want damage causes. 'Any' is useful if you want the health bar to appear when an entity receives damage from non-player hits like lava, falling,...
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  9. Added 'CheckTicks' and 'Whitelist' option

    Sorry for the back to back updates. :)

    Added 'CheckTicks': This allows you to modify how often
    to check if player is looking at an entity. Currently, i'm experimenting with the value 0. Seems to provide a better experience but increase if lagging, maybe to 10 or 20. The old value was 20.

    Added 'Whitelist': If enabled (by adding names), action health will only appear for white listed entities.

    Config changes if you'd like to modify these values:
    Code (Text):
    # Whitelist by...
  10. Configurable 'Show On Look' values

    Configurable 'Show On Look' values. If you would like to modify the default values add the following to existing config:

    Code (Text):
      # If the dot product is positive, the target is in front
      Dot: 0
      # Tolerance of the line calculation
      Tolerance: 4