Actionbar Modules 1.0.1

Allow players to customize their actionbar and display information relevant to them.

  1. Ninty
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Allow players to display relevant information on their screen. The actionbar can be customized to how players want it! Each module can be changed, recolored, or turned off completely.

    - /ab on - Turns the actionbar on.
    - /ab off - Turns the actionbar off.
    - /ab [number] [module] - Changes a specific module. For example, /ab 1 health would set the first module to display the player's health.

    - ping
    - balance
    - time
    - hunger
    - health
    - altitude
    - direction
    - none
    - color:[color code] - Allows you to change the color of a particular module. So, for example, /ab 1 color:c would recolor the first module to be light red. View all the colour codes here.
    - count:[block] - Counts the amount of that block in the player's inventory. This module is not finished.


    - Skript - Download the latest version here. Last tested on dev32d.
    - skRayFall - Download the latest version here. Last tested on 1.9.10.

    - Drag into /plugins/Skript/scripts/ folder.
    - Load the script.