ActionBarEvents (15 Events & More coming!) (All messages configurable) 1.2

Sends action bars under certain events! Everything is configurable!

  1. iHolden
    ActionBarEvents is basically a plugin that fires when certain events are triggered, which means when certain things happen it sends a action bar. For example, when you are on enter a bed, it will say "Sleep tight...". It was a quick plugin made in under a hour, I will be updating it rapidly to add more events.

    /abe - Show credits n stuffz

    ActionBarAPI, get it HERE!


    EVENTS (16):
    Achievement - When a user gets ANY achievement
    Shooting an arrow - Player shoots arrow
    Bed Enter - Sleep
    Bed Leave - Wake up
    Diamond Block Place - When placing a diamond block
    Diamond Ore Break - When breaking diamond ore
    Gold Block Place - When placing a gold block
    Gold Ore Break - When breaking a gold ore
    Item Break - When your item breaks
    Lightning - When lightning strikes (Broadcasted to everyone online)
    Mob Explode - When a mob explodes (Broadcasted to everyone online)
    Player Death (rip) - When a player dies (Broadcasted to everyone online)
    Player Fish - When a user catches a fish
    Player Quit - When a user leaves (Broadcasted to everyone online)
    Sign Place / Write - When you create a sign
    Weather change - When the weather changes (Broadcasted to everyone online)

    Simply edit the messages inside the ' ' to change your output in game.
    Code (Text):

    # ActionBarEvents by iHolden
    # Version 1.2
    # Accepts color codes &0-9 &A-F
    # Avoid using ' because it breaks the config.
      achievement: '&9Achivement earned! Congrats!'
      arrow-shoot: '&9I hope it doesn't miss..'
      bed-enter: '&7Are there monsters nearby?'
      bed-leave: '&7I am suprised you survived..'
      diamond-block-place: '&bYou placed a diamond block! Congrats.'
      diamond-ore-break: '&9You got diamonds!!'
      gold-ore-break: '&6&lBUTTTTEEERRR'
      gold-block-place: '&6&lSO MUCH BUTTTERRRR'
      item-break: '&fMight wanna get a new one?'
      lightning: '&eTHOR IS HERE!'
      mob-explode: '&aSomething.. somewhere just exploded.'
      player-death: '&crip'
      fish: '&aCaught a fish!! It only took 40 years?'
      player-quit: '&4This will broadcast to everyone on the server.'
      sign: '&fYou made a sign, are you proud yet?'
    Terms of Service (TOS):
    • You may edit this plugin
    • You may not claim it as yours
    • I did this while drunk
    • It is in the "Fun" section for a reason
    For all of those who have hateful comments, and hateful reviews & bad ratings, please keep to yourself as I am a developer in learning & trying to learn just as everyone else on this site, if you would like to leave a good review, thank you. If not, please keep to yourself and thanks for reading.
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    Maybe add some placeholders like {player} or {money} or something but great plugin.
    1. iHolden
      Author's Response
      Aren't you the person who said they were gonna DDoS me?
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    Version: 1.2
    Loving the updates :D
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    Version: 1.0
    wow haha
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    Perfect :)