ActionItem 2015-05-22

Add commands for specific items, item-types, item-lore etc.

  1. Coder

    Add (multiple) commands to
    - a specific item type (e.g. stained glass)
    - a specific item type & data (e.g. red stained glass)
    - a specific display name (e.g. "Special Item") automatically ignoring formatting codes
    - a specific lore (e.g. items with lore "Special Lore Line") (you can set lores of items with the Lores plugin)

    Ex: Combine this restrictions to match only red stained glass with the lore "Say help message".

    All the commands might be run as console, or as player (prefix with "/" then).

    Command usage:
    Note: Working with the files (see below) is preferred and more customizable.

    /itemAction <specification> <action> or /ia <specification> <action>

    You can use the following specification:
    - id only the item type you hold in your hand (e.g. red stained glass)
    - id:stained_glass only a specific id (but all data values)
    - id:stained_glass:5 only a specific id and data combination

    - displayName only items with the display name, like the item you're holding
    - displayNameContains:XYZ only items containing XYZ in their display name
    - displayNameIs:XYZ only items which display name is equal to XYZ

    - loreContains:XYZ only items containing the lore XYZ

    The defined action:
    Define the action with a trailing / to let it run as the player (with his permissions etc.)
    You may use the variables %player%, %uuid%, %display% (display name of player) inside the action.

    /ia id:diamond_sword /say %display% just used a diamond sword!

    File usage:
    Each usage of the command creates a file in /plugins/ActionItems/randomName.yml. You may rename this file.

    How a file might look like:
    Code (Text):

    - 'say %player% is used a diamond sword'
    - 'other player command'

    - 'msg %player% private message'
    - 'other command'

    loreContains: 'Special diamond sword'
    displayNameIs: 'Special Diamond Sword'
    displayNameContains: 'Special'

    onlyOneTime: true
    reduceOnUse: true