Actions 1.12

Fun customisable actions for your server!

  1. oasis9
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    oasis9 and NetworkBooster
    Actions provides the ability for you to define fun little actions for your server.

    There are 12 preconfigured actions:
    - Boi [single]: "Here comes that [sender] fellow! My goodness, how do you do?"
    - Hug [targeted]: "%{sender} hugged %{recipient}! >3"
    - Launch [targeted]
    - Meme [targeted]
    - Rekt [targeted]
    - Roundhouse [targeted]
    - School [targeted]
    - Shock [targeted]
    - Shrek [targeted]
    - Slap [targeted]
    - Spook [targeted]
    - Troll [targeted]

    It is also possible to configure individual actions - an functioning example is provided in the default config, called "Poke".
    Four types are provided:
    - targeted: "%{sender} hugged %{recipient}!"
    - single: "%{sender} dabbed!" - excuse me, going to gouge my eyes out
    - sudo: [forces chat message from self, using normal chat formatting] "Player1: [Message]"
    - sudoother: [abusive] [forces chat from other] "%{recipient}: [Message]"

    Permissions follow the format: "actions." + name, i.e., "actions.hug"
    It's possible to run a targeted action on all players at once - use "/[action] *"
    The permission necessary to do this is "actions.all" (unfortunately this could be ambiguous if you had a custom action named "all" in the config..)

    Essentials' vanish is supported - If you are vanished, actions won't affect you. If you don't have Essentials installed, Actions will still work normally.

    Two placeholders are available depending on context: %{target}, and %{recipient}.


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