Active Signs 1.6

==Active Signs is a command sign plugin==

  1. lasser01
    This is my plugin found on
    Get older versions and see the changelog.

    ==Active Signs is a command sign plugin==

    * Now with complete comparability from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0!

    * Simple to use!

    * Simple to setup!

    * Simple permissions!

    * Customizable/disabled able permissions!

    * No commands!

    * Update notifier! (You may disable this in the config)

    * This plugin uses metrics! (You may disable this in the config)

    ==Have ideas to improve or/and bugs?==

    If you need help or anything send a pm or create a ticket.

    I check daily, unless i'm on vacation!

    ===How to install ===

    Quick Start Guide

    Just put in your plugins folder and start/reload your server.

    That's it! But it's a good idea to look at the config and make it how you want it

    ===How to use===

    Just type [Command] at the 1st line at the sign.

    And the command you want to use on the 2nd line.

    You can change [Command] in the Config to what ever you want.

    You can now customize the language in the lang.yml.

    You can also change the head line. (Beta)

    ==Permissions ==

    You can change this in the config

    It's now possible to disable permissions in the config.








    Thanks for the beautiful textuerpack.


    And thanks to the metrics team.